Announcing Framer XAnnouncing Framer X

We’re launching a whole new product, and it’s going to change the way you think about design tools.


Koen Bok

June 14, 2018

Over the last 6 months, we’ve been building a new product: Framer X. Yesterday we announced it to the world, and from this point forward we’ll focus on getting it in your hands as soon as possible.

Our mission has always been to help designers express interactive ideas. To that end, we’ve built Framer into an interaction design tool that supports the end-to-end design process. Yet along the way, our tool also became two products in one. To fix that, we’re going to take one giant leap forward.

Framer X will be a whole new product, and more advanced than ever, allowing you to use components to build entire interactive design systems, all based on React and ES6.

At the same time, we want to make it easy for just about anyone to jump into design work, from producing graphics, and expressing responsive layouts to building flows, and setting up advanced scrolling. And that’s just the beginning.

At Framer we’ve always believed that direct manipulation (canvas) and code could be mixed in a way that enabled you to better design how products feel. But we also want everyone to be able to use Framer, and to have the ability to build on each other’s work. Framer X will get us very close to this goal, and we can’t wait to show you just how we’re doing it.

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