How Framer X Transformed Ticketmaster’s WorkflowHow Ticketmaster Uses Framer X

In this video case study, the Ticketmaster design team shares how Framer X has streamlined their processes and simplified collaboration.


Ashanya Indralingam

August 1, 2019

Ticketmaster is no stranger to innovation. From chatbots and facial recognition to blockchain technology, this 43-year old company is changing what it means to be a ticketing platform. But with 36 designers working across roughly 30 different products, leadership was finding that the desire to stay at the forefront had to be augmented by better tools and processes, and ones that could keep up at scale.


When deciding on the right tool for the job, product leaders at Ticketmaster took a long hard look at their design team’s needs. With an emphasis on data and personalization, they knew they needed a better class of design software, one that went beyond the confines of static screens. But to justify the switching costs, the solution would need to meet the daily demands of every designer at Ticketmaster—not just the technical ones—and create an efficient workflow from ideation all the way to developer handoff.


Designing for interaction, right from the start

Like most other graphic design tools, Framer X offers a canvas, device preview, and full-featured toolkit. But where the tool really shines is that it trains designers to think about interface design from the minute they start drawing on the canvas. Instead of static artboards, Framer X uses frames, which adapt when resized, all while keeping UI elements like buttons, cards, and tab bars completely intact. This responsive design capability allows designers at Ticketmaster to easily validate a single design across a multitude of platforms, from iOS to web and TV screens. And for a team who deals with artist, venue and event listings daily, automatic distribution features like stacks came in exceptionally handy.

Previously prototyping tools were essentially a glorified slideshow. Framer X really allows us to prototype faster rather than having to do different designs for all the different breakpoints and we can now look at this from a larger perspective.

Layton Hayes, Senior Product Designer

Reducing developer costs and increasing designer knowledge

Through a pilot program, the Ticketmaster design team collaborated with developers to import production components into the Framer X Team Store. With these packages of premade components now easily accessible, even non-technical designers were able to install and use React-based components in their projects. This newfound connection to the inner plumbing of their product is giving designers at Ticketmaster a better understanding of the constraints and capabilities of the product they're designing for, which ultimately saves crucial time in development.

It reduces the work for the engineer, gives knowledge to the designer, and creates a better UX design interface. Building components with pre-built pieces makes development time much shorter.

Michael Anama, Senior Engineer

From three tools to one

The goal at Ticketmaster is much the same as any other design team—to build a streamlined, internal process that works for everyone. And so the design operations team set out to find an all-in-one software solution for design, design system distribution, and dev handoff. The team quickly realized the potential of Framer X.

Why is it worth it to switch tools? It’s worth it when it’s a revolutionary change. And when a tool can replace many other tools in a workflow so easily, the shift change happens when the value is there right away.

Meghan Scanlon, SVP of Design

The familiarity of the tool’s canvas and graphic toolset offered more visual designers a comfortable entry point. The prototypers on the team liked the built-in code editor because it allowed them to build and populate their Team Store with reusable interactive components, which were then leveraged by less technical designers. Even developers jumped on board with Framer X, seeing huge potential in the React-based tool’s capability to host a single source of truth for the entire product team.

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Ticketmaster was founded in 1976 and launched their website 1995, opening the world up to online ticket sales and disrupting the entertainment industry. They continue to push the boundaries of ticketing technology, recently releasing integrations with Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger. They’re also known for their positive culture and workplace environment, recognized as a top employer by LinkedIn and certified as a Great Place to Work.

  • Almost 500 million tickets in 2018
  • Over 400,000 events managed in 2018
  • Servicing 28 countries
  • 6,000+ employees across 20 offices

Featured Team

  • Dan Selden, Senior Product Designer
  • Denis Lesak, Director of Design Operations
  • Meghan Scanlon, SVP Design
  • Tom Coggia, Creative Director
  • Michael Lampe, Lead Engineer
  • Michael Anama, Senior Engineer
  • Cathy Hung, Lead Product Designer
  • Amy Chen, Senior Product Designer
  • Layton Hayes, Senior Product Designer

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