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Framer X Featured Components

Welcome to the monthly roundup of our favorite, most popular and just downright useful packages available for download in the Framer X Store.


Ashanya Indralingam

October 11, 2018


T hanks to the Framer X Store, you’ll no longer need to sacrifice speed for high-fidelity. Open the in-app Store today and you’ll find hundreds of readymade packages, built by the community and designed to kickstart your project or give it that extra level of polish. Every month, we’ll aim to highlight our favorite packages in the Framer X Store, from the most downloaded to the downright useful.

In October, we’re featuring official components from the Design Hunt and Agoda teams, a Movie Component from a first-time maker and utility-driven packages like an iPhone X Kit, Sticky scroll and the Material Design-inspired Tabs.

Design Hunt

Originally launched as an iPhone app on Product Hunt, Design Hunt is the brainchild of designer turned developer, Maksim Petriv. Now, the official component in the Framer X Store allows you to pull in a random image curated from their giant collection of trending products, apps, and inspiration for all creatives.

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designhunt Store Card


Download this package to get two helpful vertical scroll components created by Ismael Martínez. The Sticky component allows you to design smooth scrollable areas, while the StickyElement component gives you the option to set multiple sticky header frames.

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Sticky Store Card

Movie Posters

As part of his agency’s weekly Framer X challenge, Maik Leenards built a component that allows you to insert a specific movie poster directly from IMDb. Just search for a name or ID to add real posters to your movie exploration prototype. Maik shares his experience as a first-time maker:

"I started by taking a deep dive into the codebase of existing components. By doing this you create a sandbox to play around with customizing functionalities, allowing you to learn by doing."

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Sticky Store Card

iPhone X Kit

Need an iPhone X kit? You’re not alone. Kasimir Hirvikoski’s helpful kit has been downloaded almost 2000 times, likely due to its array of notch-optimized components including customizable light and dark status bars that allow you to edit battery, WiFi and signal strength.

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iPhone UI

Currency Converter

Thanks to a team of dedicated prototypers, travel booking platform Agoda is cranking out the Framer X components. Their Currency Converter component supports 150+ currencies (including cryptocurrencies) and includes a way to add the corresponding country flag. Agoda’s Head of Design, Dynin Khem elaborates on the value of the in-app Store:

“The Framer X Store is like having a sneak peek into how the top design teams in the world are approaching design tooling. It’s fantastic to have a platform that encourages the sharing of solutions in a visible space.”

Get the Currency Converter package ›

agoda Store Card


Use Tabs to organize high-level content, such as switching between views, data sets, or functional aspects of an app. Wilco Schoneveld’s component automatically resizes your linked content to fit the viewport and allows you to customize colors and tab names.

Get the Tabs package ›

tabs Hunt Store Card

To use any of the components in the Framer X Store, download our 14 day trial now.

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