This Is Framer X15—Our Biggest Release To DateX15: Our Biggest Release To Date

Delivering pro performance with an all-new infinite canvas, smooth zoom, seamless graphics scaling and over 150 workflow improvements.


Jan van Boghout

January 29, 2019

When Framer X launched last September, we aimed to create a fundamentally new tool that catered to the everyday demands of the professional designer. Which is why our biggest release to date focuses on the two things you expect out of a daily visual design tool: performance and stability.

Open Framer X today and you’ll notice dramatic changes from start to finish. Creating, loading and saving documents is exponentially faster. An infinite canvas with smooth zoom makes it a breeze to work on large design projects. And there’s no lag, even when you install and drag around dozens of interactive components. Read on to find out about our updates to Framer X, focused on providing a frictionless visual design experience.

Lightning fast performance

Given the limitless nature of Framer X, some of your projects may include interactive components with their own set of dependencies, which need to be loaded upon launch. With this release, we made sure that all tasks work in parallel, so your files are available and interactive in the shortest possible timeframe. With significant speed-ups across the board, your projects now open, load and save up to 5x faster than before—and they close instantly when you’re done. In Framer X, you’ll never have to sacrifice interactivity in the name of speed.

Smooth zoom on an infinite canvas

The new Framer X canvas was rebuilt from the ground up, resulting in a seamless and smooth experience. No more stuttering trackpad response, guessing zoom levels or reaching the end of what should be an unconstrained creative space. Enjoy beautifully responsive editing at any zoom level, even with performance-intensive features like huge shadows and video overlays. To top it all off, we added buttery smooth scrolling for complex documents, fluid zooming and subtle animations. It’s the culmination of a significant engineering effort that adds up to a decidedly more delightful day-to-day experience.

Freeform graphic design

A noticeable update to Framer X15 lies in the way we handle vector editing. Simply select Graphic, pick a Path or Shape tool and start drawing on the canvas. The graphics container automatically adjusts around anything you draw, allowing for frictionless design. Ultimately, we’re optimizing for a flow that makes it easy to scale your graphic, whether you’re designing a small icon or large illustration. Simply resize your container and everything down to your border radius scales proportionally.

Components on the canvas

One of the most exciting parts of Framer X is the ability to use truly interactive components on the canvas—something no other design tool offers. And as more and more companies get access to the Team Store, many are beginning to use design systems, composing complex prototypes out of internal components.

To augment these efforts, we’ve decreased load times for components across the board, even when multiple components are used in the same project file. Install a slider, use a brand component, drop in a live map and adjust its properties. No matter how many or what mix of visual, interactive and production components you install and drag around in your project, it all works seamlessly, without slowing down your workflow. And best of all—your interactive code components can now be exported reliably at any resolution.

All this and so much more

All in all, our engineering team churned out over 150 performance, stability and workflow enhancements. We’ve improved the overall text editing experience, fixed large canvas exports, added better support for hosting projects on GitHub, made code overrides more reliable and so much more. Check out the full release notes on our Updates page. Framer X now is a design tool you can use reliably for hours on end, consistent and fast from open to save. Update to the latest version or download a free trial to try it for yourself today.

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