The Official Loupe 2018 RecapThe Official Loupe 2018 Recap

Photos and a general recap of our very first design conference in Amsterdam.


Sarah Lim

October 18, 2018

Loupe was an absolute blast and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how our first design conference turned out. Here’s a summary of everything that went down over 2.5 days in Amsterdam at the iconic EYE Filmmuseum and other amazing venues nearby.

Welcome Party

We hosted our opening reception at The Loft at A’Dam tower, a beautiful event space with panoramic views of the IJ River, Amsterdam Centrum, and Noord. Attendees mingled, matched names and faces to Twitter avatars, and got to sample some fine Dutch snacks.


Our very own Asha Indralingam emceed our first full conference day at the EYE Filmmuseum, introducing a fantastic lineup of talented desig]ners and developers who spoke about everything from urban design and sharing design systems to creating prototypes in context and why vulnerability in your creative process matters.

Danny White

Kickstarter product designer and Framer Sessions NYC founder Danny White kicked off the day with a fascinating talk all about the importance of using tools and data to design for people using urban design failures like the Bijlmermeer and success stories like the revitalization of Times Square to illustrate his points.

It takes a generation to suffer through and then eventually renew, modify, or replace bad urban design. But now, in our world, we can make strides. We can go to our streets, design from below and put it in people's hands next week, and then we can do the same thing the week after.

Mina Markham

As an engineer with a background in design, Mina Markham was the perfect person to spearhead design systems at both Hillary for America and Slack. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t make any mistakes doing it. During her GIF-laden talk, Mina shared a constructive narrative of her wins, losses and all the colorful lessons she learned as the “unicorn overlord of all things design systems.”

Nomenclature is a pretty important aspect of design systems because one of the benefits of having a design system is that designers and engineers both speak about UI using the same terminology, in the same way.

Claudio Guglieri

Claudio Guglieri’s career spans many illustrious clients and pivotal products that have gone on to win awards. For his talk at Loupe, Claudio gave the audience some real-life motor skills tests, and then centered his talk around the idea that designers of technology have only just begun to comprehend and service the full range of human capabilities.

Design for inaccuracy, design for forgiveness. As much as you can, try to use all the information that you have available to understand intent.

Julia Khusainova

Airbnb Design Manager Julia Khusainova shared her tenets for designing macro-interactions at the company, and also talked about her unconventional path to becoming a designer, leaving some words of wisdom for aspiring designers everywhere.

If you’re just starting out in the design world and you're interested in what this thing is and you have a true passion for it, by all means, pursue it and, you know, you’ll find out where the road takes you.

May-Li Khoe

In the words of surgeon general of the U.S., the world is suffering from an epidemic of loneliness. If we cannot rebuild strong, authentic social connections, we will continue to splinter apart, in the workplace and in society.

May-Li Khoe kicked off her talk with a chilling statement and then countered with…playfulness. Using her experience working on early 3D Touch and face detection at Apple and designing an educational platform at The Khan Academy, May-Li had the audience laughing, dancing and most importantly, thinking about how to improve human connectedness by introducing more play into the process and design of digital experiences.

Linda Dong

Linda Dong began her talk with a hilarious live action reel depicting the expectation vs. reality of using a product-in this case, the Apple CarPlay. Drawing from her time on Apple‘s Prototyping team and as design manager at Lyft, Linda illustrated the need to stress test designs in real world conditions, even if it means resorting to low-fidelity prototypes.

Our responsibilities, as product designers or just designers in general, is to make sure that our products have to work for as many people as possible, in all different scenarios, in all different environments.

Holly Habstritt Gaal

As the design lead Duck Duck Go, Holly Habstritt Gaal is able to rely on the inherent moral values of an internet privacy company. But how do you defend ethical design decisions when you don't work at a mission-driven company? In 20 minutes, Holly shared real and actionable ways to create an ethical design manifesto and framework.

A strong company designs for change, avoids rough transitions and creates resilient teams. You need to be resilient to have energy for the important things, like working ethically.

Kristoffer Brady

Motion designer Kristoffer Brady shared an amazing highlight reel of the conceptual UIs and motion design work he’s done for movies like Black Panther and What Happened to Monday. But Kristoffer had an important and raw message to share on the importance of vulnerability in your creative pursuits.

There’s a wonderful vulnerability that happens when you are pursuing something new. You are forced to grow. And, I think, for all of us following this creative path, there's a need to call your own bluffs and pursue a new and intimidating path.

Canal Cruise

After a full day of speakers, we surprised everyone with a cruise through the canals of Amsterdam—an absolute must if it’s your first time visiting the city!


We threw our after-party at TQ to give attendees an opportunity to mingle and meet people they hadn’t yet spoken to.


On our last day we hosted four full-day workshops led by Framer veterans and enthusiasts from around the world.

Creating Fun Products

Tinder’s Freddie Iboy and Preya Patel certainly know a thing or two about creating original and captivating products, so we asked them to create a workshop all about it. Participants learned how to experiment, pattern match, and design using code.

Designing with Data

Facebook product designers George Kedenburg and Karla Cole taught participants how to make data a key part of their design process, from concept to prototype and beyond. They even brought a DJ to class!

Designing with Hardware

Longtime Framer advocates Stephen Crowley and Jordan Dobson used hardware to teach participants how to break out of typical prototyping paradigms.

Framer X Fundamentals

Longtime Framer community organizers and trainers Ash Adamson and Silvia Bormüller demonstrated the power of Framer X in a highly anticipated workshop on the heels of our biggest product release of the year.

Closing Party

To close out the conference, we gathered everyone together one last time for a party at Tolhuistuin featuring DJ ColeCuts and Rotterdam-based DJs and musicians Yør Kultura.

Thanks to everyone who traveled near and far to be here. We hope to see you next year! Be sure to check out the full album of conference photos and check out the Loupe page for speaker videos.

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