5 Framer Workshops to Help You Level Up5 Framer Workshops to Help You Level Up

Deciding which workshops to attend at Framer Loupe? Here’s a guide to help you choose.

July 11, 2019

This year at Framer Loupe, we’re hosting five workshops for a range of experience levels. Whether you’re just starting out, advanced, or somewhere in between, we want you to get the most out of the workshops you attend—here’s some more info to help you choose.

New to Framer?

Workshop: Framer X Fundamentals

Level: Beginner

This workshop is for any designer or developer who wants to learn Framer—you may have created a project once or twice before, but you’re still wondering how Framer X fits into your daily workflow. In this workshop, you’ll create a project and learn the interface, features, and core functionality. By the end of it, you’ll understand how Framer X is different from other design tools, you’ll be able to create new projects, and you’ll know how to effectively use components, the Framer X Store, and all interactive tools.

Part of a team?

Workshop: Framer X For Teams

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

If your team is getting started in Framer X or you’re considering the tool for your team, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn how to use Framer X for collaboration by creating a design system and sharing components with teammates within your own Team Store. You'll also learn how to customize features to your team’s unique workflow. You don’t need to be a Framer X expert, but ideally you’ve got the basics down. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to set up a Team Store and start building your design system in Framer X.

Using Framer for prototyping?

Workshop: Unique Micro-Interactions with Framer X

Level: Intermediate

This is a good option if you already know the basics of Framer X and want to start creating high-fidelity prototypes. We’ll introduce you to code, the Framer API, and Framer Motion. You’ll learn how to create detailed interactions with advanced animation curves and events, as well as how to get components to interact with each other. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a deep understanding of how to create animations and interactions in Framer X, using code to improve your designs and prototypes.

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Using Framer for user testing?

Workshop: Build, Test, Iterate, Test With Framer X

Level: Intermediate

If you want to use Framer X for user testing, be sure to catch this one. We’ll cover different techniques you can use with Framer X and go through various iteration cycles by creating projects together. We’ll also talk about why prototyping matters and the difference between a prototype and the final product. You’ll leave this workshop more comfortable with creating prototypes in Framer, and up-to-date on all the ways you can use your prototypes to start user testing with Framer X.

Ready to use real data in your prototypes?

Workshop: Design With Data In Framer X

Level: Advanced

Our only advanced-level workshop at Loupe this year, this one is for those of you who’ve been using Framer for a while and want to use real data in your designs. You’ll go from creating code components to using real APIs to design hyper-realistic prototypes. You should attend this workshop if you feel very comfortable using Framer X, meaning you’ve created multiple projects and are able to use code in the product. You should also have a basic understanding of JavaScript and React, and have some experience using code overrides in Framer X. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be ready to use real APIs to bring your projects to life.

If you don’t have your ticket to Loupe yet, they’re still available. In addition to these workshops, there will be eight incredible speakers, three parties, and a host of other events throughout the conference. Get your tickets and learn more at framer.com/loupe.

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