User Test in High-fidelity with Our New PartnershipsUser Test in High-fidelity with Our New Partnerships

Now that Framer is on the web, you can test all of your high-fidelity prototypes with your favorite tools, UserZoom, UserTesting, and Lookback.


Peri Langlois

August 27, 2020

If you’re not testing with high-fidelity prototypes, are you really getting the most valuable feedback? By using realistic prototypes that are tailored to the testing experience, participants are more likely to behave naturally — as if they were interacting with the real product. And thanks to our partnerships with a few of the best usability testing and research tools, gathering feedback for your high-fidelity Framer prototypes is now as easy as grabbing a link.

Partnerships that cover all testing scenarios

Today we’re announcing partnerships with UserZoom, UserTesting, and Lookback, all great usability testing and research tools that offer a variety of solutions catering to all testing scenarios. By making our product compatible with these tools, we aim to offer you more choices when it comes to connecting with and gathering feedback on your product or feature ideas.

UserZoom is a leading UX insights solution that can tell you what users think, track how they behave, and objectively measures user experience performance. Whether it’s a live remote moderated session to gain insights and probe with further questions, or an unmoderated multi-method study with the user giving feedback as they progress through a series of tasks, UserZoom’s qualitative and quantitative results allow you to better understand your users and make faster, more confident decisions.

At UserZoom, we know that user experience is paramount to a company’s success in today’s digital world. And that success often means moving quickly from design and research to implementation. With Framer’s advanced prototyping capabilities and UserZoom’s unique platform that caters to all levels of UX research maturity, customers can quickly get user feedback to help make risk-free decisions and create digital experiences their users love.

Michael Tucker, Sr. Director of Product, UserZoom

Lookback offers you the option to run remote or in-person testing, with a LiveShare feature that allows your whole team to observe the session from a virtual observation room, talk directly to participants and ask them to complete specific tasks. Then, watch the recordings and get the feedback you need to make your next product decisions. And as one of the largest in the business, the UserTesting Human Insight Platform gives you a first-person understanding of how your target audience behaves throughout any experience and why. Offering both moderated and unmoderated remote video feedback solutions, test results are delivered in hours (not days) and users have access to a variety of features to help them better empathize with their target audiences.

I am excited about what this partnership with Framer signifies. Gathering and analyzing feedback from your target audience is key to creating delightful user experiences, and high-fidelity prototypes enable users to imagine real-world scenarios without having to fill in the blanks. By combining the value of Framer prototypes with the UserTesting Human Insight Platform, companies gain access to the fast customer feedback they need to deliver the experiences their users want most.

Mona Sabet, Chief Corporate Strategy Officer, UserTesting

High-fidelity prototypes evoke the most value when it comes to user experience testing, but what makes a prototype high fidelity, exactly? True high-fidelity prototypes give users the experience of using a real product. They have working inputs, micro-interactions, and can reflect a user’s real name or login information. You can even pull in real data from APIs to reflect actual account information or user details. Because of all this functionality, there is no need to explain how something should look or work during a user testing session. No hypothetical situations. The prototype just works, and you can be sure to receive authentic feedback because of this.

The more realistic an experience we provide, the more real feedback we can get. With a more static mockup, or broad-line prototype, or a rich prototype with placeholder data, you tend to get more hypothetical feedback.

Luke Woods, VP of Design, Instagram

Analyzing how people interact with your product helps determine whether or not you’re making the right user experience decisions. Once you’ve identified the areas where people are actually struggling during user testing sessions, you can immediately begin working on solutions. This means less time guessing what works or what doesn’t, and more time spent tackling solutions to real problems.

How to user test Framer prototypes

You don’t need to know how to code to make seriously impressive prototypes that’ll be effortlessly compatible with UserZoom, UserTesting, and Lookback. To make your work high-fidelity in no time, check out Magic Motion for smooth screen-to-screen animations and the Insert Menu for a wide range of transitions and prebuilt components. Since it’s just a prototype, and doesn’t require code to build, your explorations won’t waste engineering resources. Designers can make beautiful prototypes in minutes, then generate a preview link to user test, and quickly iterate based on the results.

First, make sure your prototype is responsive. Select the initial screen of your prototype in Framer and set it to responsive in the preview settings. Next, to get the correct link to test your prototype, click the share icon in the upper right hand corner of your canvas. Then, copy the link and make sure you have ‘Hide Framer Interface’ selected. Now you’re all set! Just head over to the user experience testing platform of your choice and start collecting feedback from your customers.

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