From headless CMS to full Framer migration in weeks

“We can now fully design and launch a re-branded site, rather than waiting 3 weeks for engineering to make small CMS updates for us”

Jennifer Waterland

VP of Marketing at Pocketlaw


Increased speed to publish

Increased speed to publish

Increased speed to publish

11 editors

Across design and marketing

Across design and marketing

Across design and marketing

3 weeks

To ship rebranded site

To ship rebranded site

To ship rebranded site

Pocketlaw’s website is conversion-focused – the main metric of success on the site is the number of visitors who book a demo with their sales team. As such, the performance of the site, including SEO, load time, and lead generation functionality, is really important to Pocketlaw’s growth goals.

Before Framer

Before migrating to Framer, Pocketlaw used Dot CMS – a tool not targeted towards designers or marketers. The main issue that Pocketlaw experienced with Dot was that any time the marketing or design teams needed a new CMS component to be created for a marketing campaign or landing page, they would have to wait 3 weeks for engineering to implement it. The engineers at Pocketlaw were torn between prioritising the product and making site updates that the marketing and design teams should have full control over.

As a designer and the Head of Creative at Pocketlaw, Love had always dreamt of a tool that provided him full autonomy – to design and publish a site at the push of a button. When he came across a Framer advertisement and started testing the tool, he quickly realised that Framer had made his design dreams a reality.

With Framer

Pocketlaw joined Framer Enterprise and had their new website launched in about 3 weeks. To begin with, the team there wanted a quick migration – to ensure that their marketing and design teams could regain control of their website and ship their marketing campaigns on schedule.

The team at Pocketlaw decided late last year that they wanted to do a full rebrand – and they had 3 weeks to ship the project. Once again, the team utilised the speed of Framer to complete this project right on schedule, something that wouldn’t have been possible with their old CMS.

“The first time I published our site and the live version was the exact same as the preview, I couldn’t believe it” – Love Petersén

As a Framer Enterprise customer, Pocketlaw have direct access to our product specialists and engineers in a shared Slack channel. Onboarding to Framer was fully customized to the Pocketlaw team’s needs. This allows them to get direct support quickly and solve any issues or questions that arise about their site setup.

Framer CMS

Framer’s CMS is extremely powerful, and is used by other customers like Whereby, Mollie, and Bird. Pocketlaw utilise the CMS to easily manage their customer case studies and blog. With a simple and intuitive interface, the marketing team at Pocketlaw have full control of adding, editing, and deleting content, without having to jump into the design Canvas. They also have the power to create new pages based off of the CMS content that they generate – meaning that they don’t even need to pull in the design team to launch a new blog post or case study.

How Framer Supports Pocketlaw’s Marketing Efforts

With Pocketlaw’s recent growth and migration to Framer, they’ve pivoted from relying purely on inbound marketing to activating multiple marketing channels, including paid search, paid social, organic traffic, and organic social. They have big plans to introduce more events and webinars to boost their qualified leads and will create more product-specific landing pages to improve the site SEO. Framer is fully optimised for SEO, but higher quality content improves rankings – so Pocketlaw is working with an SEO consultant to ensure their content matches everything that search engines require.

We at Framer are so excited to see Pocketlaw’s rebrand come to life on their new site, and we can’t wait to continue supporting them to achieve their big goals this year.

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