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Design high-fidelity scrolling, paging, and screen-to-screen transitions directly on the canvas.

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Prototyping for everyone.

Framer X offers a set of intuitive tools that allow anyone to create native-level interactions in just a few clicks. Use the Link tool to add transitions like push and overlay or create nested scroll views with multi-directional gestures.


Prototype in seconds.

Link screens, scroll content, and create flawless page transitions — design it all with our brand new interactive tools.


Advanced scrolling.

Draw scrollable areas, then connect it to your content layers. There’s no limit to what you can create — nested scrolling, vertical slides, fixed headers, and more.


From screen to screen.

Go from static to motion in minutes. Simply click and drag to connect between screens and layers and we’ll take care of the animations.


Customize transitions.

Choose from a selection of transition types like push and overlay, or customize the direction of your animations. Leverage our physics engine throughout for incredibly smooth, 60FPS, native-level flows.


Live feedback.

Preview your designs using our versatile preview window. View a single frame or get a feel for your entire prototype. Pick any of the presentation options, from hands to photo-realistic device frames.


Perfect pagination.

Design swipeable UI elements using the Page tool. Or link to frames containing multiple cards. Connect, customize, swipe.

Katrina Batina

“Not needing to know code, but having code power all components makes @framer X a groundbreaking tool that brings together the product design toolkit.“

Katarina Batina, Hello Alfred

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We recently introduced Frames and Shapes, so some information in these videos may be outdated. To learn more visit our Help Center.