LottieFiles is an animation workflow platform that’s leading the revolution in motion through a powerful new format, Lottie. We serve a large community from everyday storytellers to motion and graphic designers, animators, and developers working with the JSON-based, scalable animation that is 600% smaller in size compared to GIF.

Life before Framer

Typically, the process for creating and publishing a new page to the website started with designers creating the UI design and handing it off to developers. The developers then built the design and the page went through quality assurance (QA). We needed to ensure the design was accurate and check if it was functioning properly. All of this while we made design adjustments and SEO implementations. Based on the feedback during QA, the developers made changes, and then the page went live. This process took time, and no matter how minor the changes, the developers had to assist the design team to update the changes on the final sites. This is why we started looking for a new tool to enable the designers to optimize our landing page creation and implementation workflow without requiring a developer’s help.

Transitioning to Framer

We wanted to bridge the gap between design and development. Through Framer Sites, we enabled the design team to easily create landing pages and handle revisions with minimal development support. Though there was a learning curve, and it took us a bit to fully adjust at the beginning, once we got the hang of it, Framer helped us save time. We started with simple landing pages. Once we really figured out the platform we added more complex landing pages.

Life with Framer

We have now made several pages on our website with Framer. Once the page has been created, it is much easier and quicker for the designers to make content updates as we don’t have to solely rely on developers. This reduces the time between a content change request being made and going live. There are still times when we need help from developers, but it only happens in specific situations. Framer works great for us because it supports Lottie animations, allowing us to use them on all our pages. Framer’s integration with Lottie also gives us options to specify an animation’s playback properties - such as its speed, its animation direction, or whether it plays on loop. This lets us take advantage of the flexibility that the Lottie format offers.


Recently, we had one of our biggest platform upgrades. We had to create a lot of brand new landing pages, and thanks to Framer, the design team was able to design and publish at a faster pace. When we receive a content update request to a page that’s been made on Framer, it is very quick and easy to make changes because we don’t have to pull in a developer, which enabled us to create and publish landing pages for our marketing and product teams within a shorter amount of time and using fewer resources. Moreover, we found a way to integrate the Framer Sites with our existing navigation bars and overall UI, making it even more useful and versatile.

Want to build your own site in Framer? We offer a large amount of free and premium templates. Using a Framer template is a great way to get started with your website.

Lottie Files

Lottie Files