Rarify’s mission is to fuel the development of digital assets, by providing and simplifying access to the ownership economy.

Life before Framer

Before Framer, we used to have the classic workflow of designing, implementing, reviewing and publishing. Even though we have great engineers, we were always depending on dev’s bandwidth for iterating on our website and the process used to take weeks. Framer gave us more autonomy for quick iterations and better workflow.

Transitioning to Framer

I already used to use Framer since I was working at Shutterstock. I’ve always been a fan of Framer for its simplicity and minimalist design. I feel I can go deeper into micro interactions and better communicate my designs. That said, the adoption was easy, I organized a few sessions with the team to create a workflow and show how to collaborate on Framer, and the process was seamless.

Life with Framer

Our process feels much more fluid now. We use Framer for Wireframing and Prototyping our products, creating and maintaining our Design system, and also for our Website.  As a startup, we need to move fast and Framer allows us to do so. We've been constantly updating our site and landing pages as we need to adapt our business to the market. Also, the ability to collaborate with Developers straightaway on designs is a game changer. When there is something more sophisticated or that needs data, we use code components and code overrides to create extra level interactions, right in the same place. It’s magical. A great example of this is our new homepage where we are showcasing our product by integrating real data from our APIs to the UI.


We have definitely reduced our development debt by half since we don’t need to spend time on Front-end implementation and our developers can keep focused on our APIs.

Bruno Monte, Product Design Lead at Rarify
Amit Shrivastava, Senior Software Engineer at Rarify

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Bruno Monte