How do I become a top template creator

Learn how to become a top template creator, get featured on the Template Marketplace and earn a special Creator Profile on the Official Template Marketplace.

Perks of Being a Top Template Creator

  1. Featured Status: Your templates will be prominently featured on the marketplace.

  2. Enhanced Visibility: Gain more exposure for your templates, attracting more users.

  3. Special Badge: Your templates will be marked with a special badge, distinguishing them as top-tier products.

  4. Exclusive Creator Profile: Get your own exclusive profile on the marketplace showcasing all your templates.

  5. Priority on Template Reviews: Your new templates get fast-tracked during the review process.

  6. Direct Line to Framer Templates Team: Enjoy direct communication with the Framer team for support and feedback.

Steps to Become a Top Creator

1. Template Listing Requirements

Number of Templates: You must have a minimum of 5 templates listed on the Framer marketplace. This demonstrates your ability to offer a diverse range of designs and solutions. Start with your first one by following these guidelines.

2. Consistent Publishing

Regular New Releases: Publish at least 1 new template per quarter. This shows your commitment to providing fresh and updated content for users.

3. Providing Quality Support

Exceptional Support for Templates: Providing top-notch support is crucial. This includes promptly addressing user queries, offering help with template customization, and resolving any issues efficiently.

4. Generated Partner Revenue

Partner Revenue: You have brought in at least $10.000 of partner revenue with your templates or other partner efforts.

Maintaining Your Top Creator Status

To retain your status as a Top Template Creator, you must continue to fulfill the above criteria. Regularly updating your existing templates, responding to user feedback, and staying active in the marketplace are key to maintaining your prestigious position.