Interactive prototyping
made easy.

Communicate your ideas better than ever before. Create powerful prototypes that feel like real products in just minutes. No code required.


Trusted by some of the best in the business

Import from Figma,
Sketch, or Framer Desktop

Forget about recreating work. Import your existing designs and infuse them with interactivity.

Make it interactive with
a few clicks

Insert premade elements like buttons, sliders, and video players, as well as your own components, from a single dropdown.

Collaborate and share effortlessly

Invite teammates into your project to explore ideas collectively. Enabling others to view or test your work is as easy as sharing a link.

Framer Web has made it really easy to share prototypes with another person. The ability to ping-pong between designers and developers has reduced the friction and barriers to build prototypes.

Ee Venn Soh

Senior Product Designer at Atlassian

Framer is an extraordinary resource for rapid prototyping. It has improved our team collaboration by providing an easy way to share the designs with engineers and product managers. Its built-in tools have been essential for quick prototyping and user testing.

Bruno Monte

Product Designer at Shutterstock

Framer is the most comprehensive web-based design tool out there today. You get all levels of prototyping, from quick and easy to full-fledged prototypes. This tool truly narrows the gap between design and development.

Alex Steven

Senior Product Designer at Skyscanner