Starting from Templates

Using a Framer template is a great way to get started with your website if you are short on time or need some extra design inspiration. Before you get started with a template we recommend you familiarize yourself with our beginner tutorial. You can also find more tutorials on the Learn page.

How templates work

Framer offers a large amount of free and premium templates. Once you open a free template or open a purchased template a duplicate of the original template will be opened in Framer and added to your dashboard. From there you can customize and publish your project.

Using your template

Framer works like a design tool so editing a template is like editing elements as you would do in any other design tool. You can select elements such as text and edit them right on the canvas. Some content in template might be hooked up to the built in CMS, this content can then only be edited from the CMS.

Template support

If you are new to Framer, templates that use lots of interactions, custom menus and popup modals might be challenging to edit at first. However, if you need support for your template, you can reach out to the template designer for help you can find a link to contact them on the template page.

Purchasing premium templates

You can also purchase premium templates made by external creators. Payments are made directly to the creators and Framer does not take a cut of the earnings. If you are having issues with a purchased template please contact the template creators first to resolve the issue. You can find a way to contact them on the template page.

Sell your own templates

If you would like to sell your own Framer templates through our websites you can submit them to us for review. Before you submit a template check out the template submission guidelines.

Design and publish a site today.

Design and publish a site today.

Design and publish a site today.