What is Framer?

Framer is an interactive design tool for websites and prototyping. It excels at building entire marketing sites, landing pages, online campaigns and much more. It supports every part of the design process, from visual mockups to interactive prototypes, but its unique strength is publishing directly from the canvas.


You should use Framer if these are important to you:

Speed. Framer is the fastest tool to build sites with, because you can ship your design immediately, instead of having to rebuild your design in code or a second tool.

Empowerment. Framer is an end to end tool that lets everyone design and ship web sites. You don’t need a frontend team or web programming course. Just basic canvas skills.

Quality. Framer web sites typically have nice scroll effects, responsive breakpoints, videos, working forms and everything that you can expect from the best web sites.

Scalability. Framer can support your entire marketing stack, integrate with all the services you might need for tracking and conversion and comes with world class hosting.

Complete. Framer has no constraints. Express anything on the freeform canvas or in the content editor. Collaborate in realtime. Mix in code if you need something custom.

We believe Framer makes making web sites a lot of fun and helps your company be much more effective on the web.


Don’t take our word for it. Just take a look at all the amazing things built with Framer in our gallery. We hope to add your creation soon.


Framer has been around since 2016:

• Framer started as a technical prototyping tool for designers who could code.

• The second generation of Framer added a visual canvas so everyone could use it and became a collaborative web application.

• The current generation of Framer enables you to ship your designs directly from the canvas to production.