Getting help with the Framer API

#Code questions

To ask questions around Framer’s API, we recommend joining the Framer Discord community.

In the community, visit the #code-help channel to ask about the Framer API or visit #framer-motion to ask about Motion specifically.


#Support articles

Framer’s support page includes many articles on using Framer and account questions, but also on common code questions in Framer.

Visit our support page to view all code-related support articles and to learn more about leveraging code in Framer.

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The Framer Examples page contains 60+ interactions created in Framer. Many show you how to create common interactions without code, but some examples show you different ways you can use code to add an extra layer of fidelity to your prototypes.

Looking for a specific interaction? Visit our Examples page to see if we already covered it!

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