Terms of Service Update

Terms of Service Update

We have updated our Terms of Service with the release of Framer Sites. 🚀

We want to make sure that our terms reflect our priorities and commitments to each other. 

So, what’s actually changing?

How we describe our services: You’ll notice that we rewrote our Terms of Service so that they apply to both Framer Sites and Prototyping users.

Clearer rules for prohibited content and usage: We provided more detail around what content our users should not upload and share through Framer so that everyone can understand them clearly - this includes harmful misinformation and hate speech.

How we use your information: We’ve provided more detail what information we collect and how we use and share it - such as the information you will need to provide when creating a Framer account. 

Your responsibility towards end users: If you host websites that collects personal data (especially if it concerns EU residents) you have a responsibility as a data controller in view of the GDPR. Our new terms explain the responsibilities you have when it comes to privacy and security.

Pricing and billing: We have included more details about our pricing and billing models, including links to our pricing page where all required information can be found.

These changes go into effect on May 24, 2022 — to agree to the changes, all you have to do is opt-in on the banner and keep using Framer. If you don’t agree, you should stop using Framer (though we’d be very sad to see you go). 

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