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Loupe is a conference from Framer on interactive design and creative coding. The conference will run August 14–16 at the Muziekgebouw concert hall in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    Who is this conference for?

    Do I have to purchase a separate pass to attend a workshop?

    Is there a scholarship program for students or a subsidized pass program?

    Does this event have any diversity and inclusion efforts?

    What if I have specific accessibility needs? How is this event accessible to people with disabilities?

    Is there a Code of Conduct for this event?

    Are there discounts available?

    Will you be live-streaming the event?

    Are you looking for volunteers?

    How do I get there?

    Where do I stay?

    When can I register for workshops?

    Is it possible to switch registration for a workshop?

    Are tickets refundable or transferable?

    Are meals included in the ticket price?

    Can I speak at Loupe?

    Can I sponsor Loupe?