August 19–21

Hear from designers, prototypers, and developers on the way they work and their creative process.

Adekunle Oduye is a senior UX engineer at MailChimp, where he’s helping to create a design system that impacts their millions of users.

He enjoys working in on things where design and development overlap, such as data visualization, UI animation, and design systems. He previously helped organize SassConf, a front-end development conference, as well as GothamSass, an NYC-based meetup for front-end developers and designers. When he's not building software, you can probably find him planning his next travel adventure or living his best life.

Ari Melenciano

Creative Technologist

Ari Melenciano is a Brooklyn-based artist, designer, creative technologist, researcher, and futurist, who explores the relationships between design and the human experience.

Her research is based on a mix of human-computer interactive technologies, social impacts of technology, counterculture, sound, multisensory experiential design, experimental pedagogy and speculative design. Ari is the founder of Afrotectopia, a social institution fostering interdisciplinary innovation in art, design, technology, black culture and activism. She currently teaches technology, society, and design at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Graduate Program (ITP) and the Pratt Institute’s Communications Design school.

Hilary Sedovic

Creative Reaction Lab

Hilary Sedovic is a social work professional passionate about co-creating positive community outcomes through systems change.

Curiosity and a growth mindset are at the core of her success. She constantly questions the status quo and pushes to understand the full context of the problems she’s presented with. As Learning & Education Manager at Creative Reaction Lab, Hilary leads workshops that help others bring equity and inclusion into the way they work. She develops curriculum aligned with the Equity-Centered Community Design process, and leads evaluation strategy.

Mike Creighton


Mike is a technical director at Instrument where he's helping lead multidisciplinary teams toward solutions that marry design and technology.

Throughout his career, his roles have ranged from creative to technical and from contributor to manager. He's also a visual artist that works with traditional and digital media.

Pedro is a designer with more than 10 years of experience building digital products. For the last 3 years, he's been focusing on building machine learning tools and collaborating with data scientists.

He's currently the Lead Product Designer for Adyen, focussing on improving their payment fraud solution. Prior to Adyen, Pedro worked at, the biggest accommodation provider on the planet. Here he helped onboard startups acquired by Booking and introduced them into the ecosystem. He also worked on consumer psychology and machine learning teams building recommendation and ranking systems.

Sarah Brin

Meow Wolf

Sarah Brin is a strategic partnerships manager at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe and an advisor to ArtEngine's Digital Economies Lab in Ottawa.

She specializes in previously unanticipated situations involving technology, the public, and organizational infrastructure. Sarah has created programs, exhibitions, and publications for organizations like Autodesk, SFMOMA, British Council, MOCA Los Angeles, and the European Union. She’s passionate about building things that are just, sustainable, and inviting.