Google Optimize

Create A/B tests for your site visually


Test new site designs, layout, and content completely visually when you add Google Optimize to your Framer canvas. You don’t have to guess at what works best for your audience—test as many variants as you want to quickly optimize for conversions.

How to add Google Optimize to your website
Create a new project or open an existing project in Framer. Navigate to your site settings, where you’ll see a Custom Code section. Paste your Google Analytics and Google Optimize scripts into that section to be sure all your test results are tracked.
Go back to your site and add the Google Optimize integration where you want to test content (e.g. two different headlines, variations on a testimonial layout, button experiments, etc.) Connect it to two or more variants, and make sure to name each variant clearly.
Go to your Google Optimize dashboard and create a new experience. Set the URL to your published Framer URL and select Redirect Test.
In your new experience, add a variant. Name it accordingly and select Advanced redirect. Set the name of the content you want to match with the variant parameter (e.g. "?variant=alternate" to show the connected Frame called "alternate").
Note: No need to create a "default" variant for the first connected Frame as it is shown by default when no variant is specified.