Start from Sketch

Bringing your designs over from Sketch has never been easier. Copy and paste artboards, groups, shapes, text, paths and even more with our Sketch Plugin.

This plugin auto-installs when you install Framer X.

1. Copy your designs

Select the Sketch layers, groups, or artboards that you’d like to paste into Framer X and hit CMD + C.

2. Paste to Framer X

Open a new Framer X document and simply hit CMD + V to instantly paste all of your designs.

3. Bring them to life

Create interactions, add components, or publish your design system as a Package.

Groups turn into Frames.

Artboards and groups pasted from Sketch into Framer X automatically turn into Frames and gain hierarchy, nesting, and constraints.

Learn about Frames ›

Layers gain layout rules.

Just like artboards and groups, when you paste layers into Framer X they automatically adopt layout rules and become aware of their position relative to their parent layer.

Learn about Layout ›

Vectors become editable SVGs.

All shapes and paths that you paste into Framer X turn into completely editable SVGs that you can easily export to web.

Learn about Vectors ›

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