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Import your designs from Sketch and go from static to interactive in no time.

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design workflow.

1. Import your Sketch files into Framer.

Bringing your work over from Sketch is simple. Import directly from the dashboard or within a project.

2. Trade static with interactive.

It’s easy to swap out static elements for real working components. Just right-click and select Replace With. Adjust your new component’s styling, populate them with live data, and more.

3. Make a prototype in minutes.

Link frames, make content scrollable, and create your own custom transitions with Magic Motion to fully visualize the user experience.

Create amazing prototypes, fast.

Framer Web makes advanced functionality accessible to the beginner. Features like the Insert Menu make designing simple and intuitive. Discover a range of impressive premade components and tools all in one place.

thousands of

Insert menu

Power up with

Making your design interactive is as easy as a right-click. Select Replace With and choose from a whole host of interactive components—like checkboxes, input fields, and video players—to replace your static layers with.

Import static designs...

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...and turn them interactive

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with Framer.

Whether you bring over designs from Figma, Sketch, or decide to start from scratch, Framer is the best tool for interactive prototyping.