Tools Panel

Design adaptive interfaces, draw detailed icons and illustrations or build simple multi-screen prototypes. Everything is possible with the tools available in Framer X. Want to dive deeper into every tool? Check out the tools section.

On the left of Framer under the tools icon you will find the tools panel. From here you can select a multitude of different tools to design anything from adaptive layouts to icons, plus easy to use prototyping tools.

Layout Tools

In Framer X there is a distinct difference between layout and drawing tools. You use layout tools like Frames, text, and Stacks to define highly adaptive layouts. Frames are used to define your screens but also act as nested elements on those screens.

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Interactive Tools

The Interactive tools allow you to visually create multiple interactions directly on the canvas. Use the Link Tool to easily link screens together with customizable transitions, the Scroll Tool to add mutlidirectional scroll views and the Page Tool to create highly customizable swipable pages.

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Drawing Tools

Framer X has all of the advanced drawing tools you are used to. To start using them select graphics container and draw a graphics container on your canvas. This will enable drawing mode, which means you can then start using all of the drawing tools available.

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Canvas Tools

The canvas tools are used to navigate around your canvas. Select nested elements with the Select Tool, zoom in or out with the Zoom Tool and pan around using the Pan Tool.

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