Archiving a Project

You can archive a project when you no longer need to edit it.

From the Dashboard

To archive a project on the Dashboard, right-click the project's name and select Archive.

From the Editor

To archive a project from the Editor, click Menu > File > Archive.

Archived Projects

You can view all your archived projects under the Archived section of the Dashboard's sidebar.

Note: if you archive a project that is published within a team, the project will be moved to the team's Archived folder.


If you want to edit an archived project, you will need to unarchive it first.

From the Dashboard

To unarchive an archived project on the Dashboard, open your Archived projects (or your team's Archived folder), find the project that you want to unarchive, and click on its Unarchive button.

From the Editor

To unarchive a project from the Editor, click Menu > File > Unarchive.


It is not yet possible to permanently delete a project.