Why does Framer ask for permission to record my screen?

Note: This article refers to the Framer desktop app. Learn more about the differences between the Framer web and desktop app here.

If you are running macOS Catalina and working with the desktop app, you may be asked to provide Framer access to record your screen.

Framer requires access to be able to fully utilize the color picker, for which we use a utility tool called Framer Tools.

Why does the color picker require recording of my screen?

Whenever you use the color picker within the application, Framer is capable of selecting the color of any pixel on your screen to register your selected color.

However, to record these pixels outside of your canvas it needs access to view these pixels. Therefore, macOS Catalina requires you to provide us explicit access to do this, which is why you are prompted to give permission.

How do I provide the desktop app access?

If you want to use the color picker to select colors outside of Framer, you can manually do this by following the steps below or opening the Privacy settings directly and continuing at step 5.

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Unlock the lock in the bottom left to make changes
  3. Open the Security & Privacy section
  4. Open the Privacy tab
  5. Select Screen Recording from the left-hand menu
  6. Check the box next to Framer to provide access to the desktop app

What if I don’t want to provide access?

You are not required to provide access if you prefer not to. The color picker will still function as expected within the Framer application, it simply won’t be able to register the color of a pixel anywhere outside of Framer.