Dashboard and Projects

You can create, organize, and archive your projects on the Dashboard.

Creating a New Project

To create a new project, click on the New button at the top-right corner of the Dashboard. Creating a new project will open the project in the Editor.

Tip: To change a project's icon, open it in the Editor, click the project's name in the upper-left corner of the Toolbar, and insert an emoji at the start of your project's name.

Importing a Project

To import a project from another design tool, click on the Import dropdown and select which app you'd like to import from.

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When you create a new project, that project will begin in your Drafts folder. Projects in your Drafts folder are visible only to you.

To see all of your Drafts, click Drafts in the sidebar.


You can also view a list of recently-opened projects. This list will include projects from any folder, including your Drafts and Team folders.

To see your recently-opened projects, click the Recent button in the sidebar.


You can also use the dashboard to explore Framer's example projects.

To see the examples list, click Examples in the sidebar.

Teams & Folders

If you are part of a team, then it will be listed on the Dashboard's sidebar.

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