Packages are collections of Design Components, Code Components, and/or Shared Colors.

You can use packages to quickly add design elements to a project, or keep elements of a design synchronized between projects and across teams.

Public Packages

Public Packages are public and may be installed by anyone.

To browse Public Packages, open the Insert Menu and click Public Packages. You can browse Public Packages at Framer’s Packages website.

Team Packages

Team Packages are visible only to the members of that team.

To browse Team Packages, open the Insert Menu and click Team Packages.

You can also use the Insert menu to search for packages by name. To learn more, see our Insert Menu article.

To view a package’s description, click on the package’s name. A package’s description often includes an overview of the package, contact details for the package’s author, and other information on its components and their Property Controls.


To install a package, open the Insert Menu, find the package that you would like to install, click on its name, then click Install.

When the package has installed, click the Show button to view the package’s components.

You can also find your installed package’s components by opening the Insert menu and clicking on Project Components.


Packages are often considered to be similar to plug-ins. Although this be a fair comparison, they are used slightly differently. Where plug-ins often have a passive effect on the background, components from packages need to be inserted on to the canvas to be used.

Because each component from a package is unique, their applications will always differ. Make sure to read the description of the package to find more information about the use-case of the components in a package.


When a package author publishes a new version of a package, you will receive a notification that package updates are available. Click Update to visit the package’s description.

On the Toolbar, the Insert Menu’s icon will also display a red dot when an update is available.

If an update includes a change to a package’s component, then that change will apply to any instance of the component in your project.


To uninstall a package, open the Insert Menu, find the installed package that you would like to uninstall in either Team Packages or Public Packages, click on its name, then click Uninstall.


If you’ve created design components, code components, or shared colors you’d like to share with the community or your team, you can do so by publishing them as a package.

When you publish a package, you are essentially publishing your project file. The components and Shared Colors in your project will be recognized and bundled up to be included in the package.

To publish a package, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project file on Framer’s desktop app
  2. From the menu bar, select File > Publish Package
  3. Write a title and description for your package
  4. Under Location, choose which team you want the package to be published to Note: If you choose Public, everyone will be able to use your package.
  5. Select the artwork and icon of your choosing
  6. Click the Save & Publish button

Publishing from Framer Web

Publishing packages is currently only available from the desktop macOS app. Support for Framer Web is currently under development.

Learn more about the desktop app ›


As other users can rely on your package, public packages are unpublished manually on a case by case basis. Please contact support if you have a public package you’d like to have removed.

Team packages can be unpublished only by the creator of the package. Follow these steps to unpublish a team package:

  1. Open the desktop app
  2. Press i to open the Insert menu
  3. Select the Team Packages category
  4. Choose the team under which your team package lives
  5. Pick the package to be unpublished
  6. Press the Unpublish button

Note: if the package is currently installed, the unpublish button will be under the ··· icon.