Prototype view

You can share your project’s prototype by creating a Share link. Prototype view works just like your project’s Preview window, but it can be viewed by anyone with the link.

To create a Prototype view, click on the Share icon in the top toolbar to open the Share panel, then click Copy Link. You can share the link however you’d like: anyone visiting the link will open your Prototype view.

Share Panel

You can configure your Prototype view in the Share Panel.

  • If Link to selected Frame is checked, the Prototype view will start from the currently selected layer. If not, it will start from your project’s Home Frame.
  • If Hide Framer interface is checked, the Prototype view will display without any additional controls.

To view your Prototype view yourself, click Open Protoype.

Prototype view

Unless you’ve chosen Hide Framer interface, a Prototype view will display information and several controls around your prototype.

Full Screen

To view your prototype without any distractions, enter Full Screen mode with the arrow icon in the top-right corner.

Open on Mobile

To view your Prototype view on mobile, click the mobile icon near the window’s top-right corner. This will display a QR code that you can scan with your mobile phone’s camera or QR code app.


The Prototype view’s timestamp is shown in the bottom-left corner. If an update is available, you’ll instead see a button to Refresh the Prototype view.

Note: A Prototype view will not automatically update to reflect new changes in the project. If there is a newer version, you’ll need to click the Refresh button to see it.

Device Components

You can use the Device Component to customize the appearance of your Prototype view.


Share links are currently permanent and can not be disabled. Once a link has been shared, anyone with the link can view your prototype unless you remove the screens from the prototype.

To provide more flexibility and security on who you share the links with, we are working on introducing access control to prototype views. Consult our roadmap or feature requests on Canny to learn more about upcoming and requested features.