How do I import my Sketch and Figma projects?

Framer allows you to bring in your designs directly from either Sketch or Figma.

You can get started right away by heading to the project dashboard. From here, you will find the Import button which enables you to get assets in either from Sketch or Figma.

Importing from Figma

Entire Figma project files can be imported directly from the dashboard. Visit the dedicated article to learn more on importing from Figma.

Learn more about importing from Figma ›

Copying from Sketch

The Sketch integration allows you to copy-paste your assets from your Sketch canvas to Framer. Visit the Sketch support article to find out how to get your Sketch assets into Framer.

Learn more about importing from Sketch ›

Other integrations

We currently don’t support integrations with other tools. Please let us know if you’d like to see more integrations by requesting a feature!