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21 Days

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We can’t wait to see what you’ve built! Please review our guidelines before submission. This ensures you meet our expectations, improving the chances of template acceptance.

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Submission requirements

We strive for a high quality template marketplace. Templates are only published to our marketplace if they meet all of the submission requirements.

  • Template originality
  • While similarities may occur, the template is unique in style and does not mimic the style of other templates on the Framer Marketplace or any other template marketplace.

  • Template does not use sections, components, or any other elements from other templates on the Framer Marketplace or any other template marketplace.

  • Template name
  • Template uses a unique single-word name, this will help you distinguish yourself from other templates.

  • Template name is not already taken or strongly resembles another template name. (Search through the Marketplace to check if your name is not already taken).

  • Design & UX
  • Template has a cohesive style throughout all pages.

  • The template makes use of high quality, stunning visuals such as images or graphics.

  • Typographic hierarchy is carefully implemented and the amount if typographic styles and sizes is kept to a minimum.

  • Effect and animations are sparesly implemented and add to the design or information architecture. They are not there just for the sake of animating elements.

  • The template has great visual hierarchy and utilizes best practices in typography, size, color, contrast, and repetition.

  • Template contains a custom /404/ page.

  • Layout
  • Template uses consistent spacing, padding, and appropriate whitespace. Template does not appear cluttered.

  • Pages and sections use Stacks (Layout) to enable fluid layouts.

  • Pages and sections use auto height so they can grow when new content is added.

  • Website does not scroll horizontally due to overflowing elements.

  • Pages have unique layouts. (Avoid redundant page designs with little to no differences).

  • Responsiveness
  • Layouts are fluid and responsive. Layouts are tested by previewing the template and resizing the pages.

  • Mobile menus work appropriately and expand correctly to show all items in the navigation.

  • Mobile menus are Fixed to the top of the page and do not push down the entire page when expanding.

  • Components and interactions work across mobile. (Eg. Sliders become draggable, and content does not rely on hover states).

  • Effects & Animations
  • Transitions are present on some layers, not every layer or entire sections. Use them sparsely.

  • There is no use of preloaders unless they significantly enhance the experience of the website.

  • Interaction effects are not applied to to elements that don’t enhance the experience. (Eg. a hover effect on an image without a click interaction).

  • Effects and animations are used consistently. (Eg. Ensure that appear effects have comparable animation curves and timing).

  • Links
  • All external links in the template work and point to a valid URL.

  • Internal links listed in the template such as the navigation and footer link to the corresponding pages. (Eg. If an About page is present as a link your template should have an About page).

  • Text elements containing and email address or phone numbers need to use mailto: and tel: links.

  • Typography & Text
  • All text has proper spelling and grammar.

  • All text is unique and does not use Lorem Ipsum. (Not a great writer? Use Framer’s built in Text Rewrite feature to improve text you wrote for your template usecase).

  • All text is legible, background and text have enough contrast.

  • Text Styles are used as much as possible to make editing for the end user easier.

  • Text Style breakpoints are used to make editing for the end user easier.

  • Custom typefaces are not used in the template. (Only use typefaces that come with Framer).

  • Components
  • All external Components in the template are up to date. (Check the components in the assets panel).

  • Components use descriptive and meaningful names that reflect their functionality. (Avoid generic names like “Component1” or “Widget2”. Good examples include “User Profile Card”, “Product Carousel”).

  • CMS
  • There are no unused CMS collections in the project.

  • CMS fields are named in a way that clearly correlates to the layer they are linked to.

  • CMS is used where the website could benefit from it. (Eg. Blogs run on the CMS and not as separate pages).

  • Tags
  • Headings use H1-H6 Tags.

  • Paragraphs use P tags.

  • Navigations use the nav tag.

  • Ordered lists use the OL tag (Numbered).

  • Unordered lists use the UL tag (Bullet).

  • Images have alt tags where necessary. (Eg. Images that are not meant to be changed by the end user)

  • All other elements use the div tag or a tag best suited for that element.

  • Accessibility & Performance
  • Template does not have excessive motion.

  • All main pages are ran through Pagespeed Insights to make sure the template is performant on both desktop and mobile.

  • All images are set to "Auto" resolution to benefit from Framer's auto image optimization. Template are allowed to use custom resolutions when the template use case requires it. (Eg. A photography portfolio showing a full sized image on click).

  • Color is not the only style used to communicate things like links or highlighted text.

  • Template uses appropriate contrast for all elements that need to be legible such as icons, text, images, and videos.

  • Template is tested and shows no issues on the most popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

  • Remix Project
  • Template has a custom title and description added in the site settings.

  • Template publishes without any optimization errors.

  • The project does not contain any unused components, code, or assets in the assets panel.

  • Pages are set up consistently with the same amount of breakpoints and breakpoint widths.

  • There are no unused layers next to the breakpoints.

  • There are no unused pages or canvas pages.

  • Copyrighted content
  • Template does not use copyrighted media such as images, videos, and music.

  • Template does not use logos from companies without permission.

  • Template does not use text from existing websites or templates.

  • Custom Code
  • Template does not use Code Components Overrides or external libraries for core functionality that can’t be easily edited by people without coding knowledge.

  • Template does not show any errors when publishing due to incorrect custom code.

  • Customer Support
  • A clear refund policy is provided on your checkout page.

  • I am available to provide template support through email for customers who have purchased or used my template.

  • I will make sure my template is always delivered to the customer upon purchase. I understand not doing so will result in immediate removal of my template from the marketplace.

  • I understand Framer reserves the right to provide a remix link to the customer when they can provide a valid purchase receipt and I have neglected to deliver the template.

Review timeline

Our team aims to respond and review your template swiftly. Please be aware, our timelines are estimates, and some fluctuations may occur.

We’ll ensure to keep you updated at every stage of the process.

  1. Initial Screening (2—4 working days)

We will conduct a high-level review of your template to determine its potential for acceptance. During this initial stage, your template may be directly rejected or advanced to the official review phase.

We recognize that receiving a rejection without a specific explanation can be disappointing. However, due to the high volume of templates we receive, it is challenging for our team to provide detailed feedback for each submission. If your template was rejected without specific feedback, please revisit the guidelines and make the necessary adjustments before resubmitting again.

Please know that we value your efforts and appreciate your contributions to our platform. We encourage you to view the rejection as an opportunity to refine your template. Review our guidelines and best practices to ensure your template aligns with our standards.

  1. Official Review (2 weeks)

If your template clears the initial screening, it will be forwarded to a Marketplace team member for a detailed review based on the previously mentioned requirements. To maintain our quality standards, please allow up to two weeks to receive feedback from us.

Once we complete our review, we will send you one of the following verdicts:

2a. Accepted

If your template meets our standards and is accepted, you will be notified via email. It will be passed on to the site team to get on the site.

2b. Rejected

If our marketplace team determines that your template does not meet our expectations and believes that it cannot be improved within two rounds of feedback, we will send you a detailed rejection notice explaining why it was declined.

Once you have made the necessary improvements, we encourage you to resubmit your template for reconsideration. We look forward to reviewing your revised template and appreciate your continued interest in collaborating with us.

2c. Needs improvements

If you template doesn't meet requirements, but we feel its close, we will give you detailed feedback on how to get there. Be aware that it may be rejected if it still fails to meet the required standards after two rounds of feedback.

4. Your template is in our CMS (2—3 days)

Once your template is accepted, we will integrate it into our system to ensure that your template page looks flawless. We recognize the effort and creativity involved in creating a template, and we assure you that it will receive the careful consideration it deserves. After your template is successfully added, you will receive a notification, and your template will be ready to go live.

5. Your template live (1 day)

During weekdays we perform daily deploys on the website. Therefore, once you receive the confirmation email that your template has been added to our system, it may take up to one full day for it to appear on the Marketplace.

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