We’re constantly improving Framer. See the latest features and updates.

Import from Figma

We launched the first version of the Figma Importer! With this release you can import an entire project from Figma directly into Framer Web—just click File→Import from Figma. We’re working really hard to create the best possible experience for importing your Figma projects, however this is of course still a BETA so there’s still some kinks to iron out. If you see something that doesn’t look right please get in touch with us using the #bugs channel!

Device component

We’ve introduced the device component—quite possibly the largest change we’ve made to how previewing works in Framer! It lives in the insert menu and allows you to easily prototype for devices of all shapes and sizes. We’ve decoupled devices from previewing meaning you can now share multiple devices within a single Prototype view. Alongside that we’ve improved support for device bezels, dark/light mode and a long list of customization options!

Keyboard shortcuts UI

Is there anything more frustrating than discovering a keyboard shortcut exists for something you’ve been doing that felt really cumbersome? We feel the same—you can now find all of the keyboard shortcuts for Framer in the handy help section in the bottom right of the app.

Project archiving improvements

We’ve taken another look at the project archiving workflow and introduced a confirmation modal both in the dashboard and the editor. You’ll now also see an Unarchive button for previously archived projects as well as the original location the project was archived from.

Other changes

  • Fixed some visual issues when using Safari
  • The Prototype view now notifies you when you’re viewing an out-of-date prototype
  • Lots of UI improvements to the Prototype view (empty state, error state & more!)
  • The canvas panning state is now correctly cancelled when your mouse leaves the window
  • General UX improvements to the in-app tour
  • Updated the Get Started examples
  • Various improvements and additional polish to the toolbar
  • Holding Cmd now swaps components when you drag and drop them onto each other
  • Day/Night mode can now be toggled via the dashboard
  • You can now access the name property of graphical elements in code