We’re constantly improving Framer. See the latest features and updates.

Home frame

We’ve introduced the concept of a home frame—this is now the entry point of the Prototype view and is by default set to the first frame you’ve created on the canvas. This can be changed by right-clicking a frame and selecting Set Home Frame, or by generating another URL that links to the selected frame on your canvas using the Share button.

Prototype view navigation

Working on a large project and want to allow your team to easily flick through your prototype? We’ve introduced a navigation panel to the Prototype view that allows you to browse through the top-level frames on your canvas. You’ll see the name of the current frame in the bottom right (context is important!) alongside a button to quickly bring you back to the home frame of your prototype.

Floating panels

Bothered by the static color picker? We wanted to add some extra flexibility to the panels that appear in Framer—they’re now all draggable and float above the rest of the app to give you more control over how you organise your canvas.

Sketch copy & paste support

You can now copy and paste your designs from Sketch directly into Framer Web! This works very similarly to how it does in Framer X—click File→Import from Sketch and you’ll be prompted to download Framer Tools which automatically installs the Framer plugin for Sketch.

Other changes

  • Updated version of the Figma Importer to fix some inconsistencies
  • Fixed a case where frames be blurred whilst zooming
  • Mouse interactions on the Prototype view now work as expected
  • UX improvements for the connectors on the canvas
  • Fixed some cases where assets on your canvas wouldn’t load
  • Various UI improvements to the dashboard after user testing
  • Text no longer occasionally disappears in the preview window