Insert Menu and prototype panel

February 4, 2020

Insert menu

A toolkit of interactive components that cover the most common UI patterns. Complete with an array of customization options, all accessible directly from the tools panel! Just click the + icon in the toolbar or press i on your keyboard to trigger the insert menu. We want to help you kickstart your prototyping process through easy access to a set of the most common interactive components—think buttons, sliders, input fields and a whole lot more. Missing something? Add your own components or use one of the many packages published by the community!

Prototype panel

It’s like the link tool, but on steroids. We’ve introduced a powerful new panel to give you more control in wiring up interactions to your components. Set multiple actions for a single interaction and tie into a variety of other events to add that extra bit of fidelity to your prototype. The prototype panel works great with components from the insert menu—give it a shot! Interactivity is a first class citizen in Framer and we’re working hard to make that even more apparent. Expect the capabilities of the prototype panel to grow in the coming months!

Prototype view URLs

We’ve updated the URL scheme for our Prototype view links to allow us to extend preview configuration possibilities in the future. All your old links will continue to redirect to the new structure.

Old scheme:

New scheme:

Other changes

  • Lots of improvements to the Dashboard UI following our latest user testing session
  • Implemented a loading state for duplicating projects
  • Various UI tweaks to the Prototype view
  • Fixed some misleading linting errors in the code editor
  • Project collections are now sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed an issue when selecting a Graphic layer that was part of a Design Component
  • The name of the Frame you’re previewing is now visible in the shared preview