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Import design components in code components

This is one of those cool features not everyone knows about—you can visually design components on the canvas and then harness the powers of code components to add some extra fidelity. Real data, external libraries, using them in combination with production components—anything is possible.

import {MyComponent} from "./canvas"

Other changes

  • Fixed a situation where inner strokes were not applied to SVGs that had duplicate IDs
  • The layer panel now automatically shows when switching to graphics mode
  • Fixed a bug where some handoff buttons wouldn’t be aligned correctly
  • Resizing a stack child now shows the correct dimensions in the tooltip
  • Fixed an issue where the selection box for a rotated frame was incorrectly offset
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening the prototype panel from a design component
  • Upgraded to React 16.12
  • You’re now switched immediately to the layers panel when activating graphics mode
  • Text renders more reliably when within a stack and other components
  • Fixed a situation that caused an endless spinner when searching for packages