We’re constantly improving Framer. See the latest features and updates.

Animation controls

Interactively compose slick transitions with our new animation controls. Adjust easing, bezier curves, timing and a variety of other animation options, all with no code! We’ve implemented a cool new animation options popover to the prototype panel that allows you to interactively configure transitions for your components and even handoff production code to both Framer Motion and Swift UI.

Custom nudge preferences

We’ve added a new option to the layout settings in the app menu to allow you to configure how many pixels layers should be nudged when using the arrow keys, as well as the option to configure a larger increment for when holding shift in combination with the arrow keys. Configure it now by clicking the menu icon then Layout → Nudge Preferences

Other changes

  • Switching between day/night mode now overrides the system default
  • Fixed a bug where undo/redo didn’t work as expected after selecting and deleting a portion of text
  • The zoom indicator now shows the correct cursor on hover
  • Fixed a bouncing effect that occurs when using a modal transition
  • The prototype connector no longer appears for hidden frames
  • The in-app preview will now only apply padding if the previewed device has a theme/bezel
  • The scale of the in-app preview will now refresh accordingly after rotating a device
  • The in-app preview will now only rotate devices that should be rotated (phones & tablets) instead of relying on the aspect ratio to determine if they support rotation
  • We’ve improved the error pages you may see in the dashboard and during project creation
  • The icon displayed for stacks in the layer panel will now indicate if the stack is horizontal or vertical. We’ve also updated the icon for page layers to better reflect the page tool.
  • A focus state is now shown when tabbing between buttons in the various panels
  • The prototype connector now automatically hides for small layers to ensure it does not get in the way of resizing controls
  • Fixed a bug where number input fields would accept a non-numeric value
  • We’ve made some improvements to the efficiency of how we send project updates to the server which should help reduce the amount of “Slow Connection” toasts you might see whilst using Framer
  • Fixed an issue that allowed out of sync clients to potentially overwrite newer changes when working in multiplayer projects
  • The selection box now correctly hides when changing properties
  • Fixed a bug where the selection box was slightly offset when below 100% zoom
  • Feel like hacking with react-native-web and react-primitives? We’ve fixed a bug that prevented your project from building. Support is still very much experimental but your project should now build as expected.
  • Fixed a broken link to Team Settings in the context menu of your team in the dashboard
  • Increase the threshold required to trigger “Slow Connection” toasts that are caused by CPU usage spikes
  • If you encounter an error whilst publishing packages you’ll now see an in-app toast to inform you what happened