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Custom typeface support with the Font Files package

We’ve added a temporary solution to enable supporting custom typefaces in combination with the Font Files package. By pressing Ctrl + Enter in the typeface popover you can now assign a custom font to text layers on your canvas. Check the docs of the Font Files package to see how to load the custom typefaces into your project. We’re working on a more intuitive solution to solve custom font support—stay tuned!

Text overflow

You’ll no longer have to wrap your text layers in a frame to achieve overflow—we’ve introduced the Overflow property to text layers that allows you to toggle displaying the content of a text layer that overflows out of its bounding box.

Other changes

  • We’ve optimised how the server communicates backend changes of your project to the app
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error to be thrown when using the Console Log action in the prototype panel
  • You’ll now be prompted to confirm if you want to exit commenting mode whilst you’re typing in the comment input
  • The import menu in the dashboard now works as expected in Safari
  • You can now use spell check and other operating system level features when editing text on the canvas
  • Fixed a bug that may have caused your project to appear as uninitialized on the canvas