We’re constantly improving Framer. See the latest features and updates.

Multi-line design component text fields

When you create an instance of a design component with a text field, the input you see in the properties panel will be better matched to the text you created in the master of the component. If you’re using fixed size text you’ll see a larger text area that supports multiple lines, whereas for an auto sizing (single line) text you’ll continue to see the single line text input.

Stack layouts for frames

Stacks and frames are the core building blocks of your Framer prototypes. We want to provide the flexibility of frames with the layout capabilities of stacks which is why we’ve merged stack properties into frames. You’ll now see a new property for frames which allows you to use all of the stack layout properties, make them design components (no more wrapping them in a frame!) and also use them as the entry point of the preview. You can tie into the same events as frames, use them interchangeably and easily enable/disable stack layouts without needing to move components around. The tools themselves haven’t changed—we’ve just harnessed the super powers of stacks and applied them to frames!

New insert menu components

We’ve added 4 cool new components to the insert menu:

  • Toggle
  • Segmented Control
  • Notes
  • Loading

Check them out and leave us some feedback in Canny if you’re missing anything!

Other changes

  • Fixed a bug where the constraint simulation appeared off
  • Duplicating a project from within the project now duplicates it into the correct space. Previously, duplicating a project would put it into your personal drafts
  • Stacks that contain hidden children now render as expected
  • Fixed an issue that caused new lines in comments to be inserted at the end. New lines will now be inserted as expected and your cursor will remain in the same place
  • We’ve moved the Import/New project buttons to better indicate where projects live after being imported/created
  • Fixed a bug that caused frames which are children of a stack and have an aspect ratio applied to break the bounding box of the stack
  • Stack layout options will now be passed along when you copy and paste a stack
  • Text layers inside a stack will now render at the correct size
  • Fixed a bug that caused the scroll component to lose its background fill, requiring you to set the fill again to see it correctly