We’re constantly improving Framer. See the latest features and updates.

Code component display name

You can now define a custom name for code components to be displayed in the user interface. Just add the following line to your component and you’ll see the new name reflected in the components tab and on the canvas:

MyCodeComponent.displayName = "My Code Component"

Collection picker for project creation

Creating/importing a new project on the Recent page in the dashboard now shows a picker which allows you to decide in which team/collection your newly created project should live.

Native scroll behavior

The scroll component has been revamped to rely on native scrolling behavior provided by the browser. This allows your prototypes to easily re-render when the size of scrollable content changes and correctly scrolls focusable elements into view when moving between input fields. This fixes a bug you may have experienced when testing Framer prototypes on iOS 13 where input fields would not scroll into view as expected.

Other changes

  • We’ve made major scalability improvements to how we build your projects behind the scenes
  • You can now invite team members from the dashboard
  • Fixed an incorrect stack alignment icon
  • Framer Desktop projects can now be uploaded to Framer Web by drag and dropping the project onto the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where stacks that were part of a design component would not render correctly when imported into a code component
  • Critically damped spring transitions are now properly visualised in the transition editor
  • We’ve cleaned up the dashboard to make it more succinct. The header is now sticky, the empty states have been improved as well as some small UX details we hope you’ll notice
  • Fixed a bug where frames would sometimes be duplicated twice when using the Cmd + D shortcut
  • Allow more fined tuned adjustments of spring editor properties in the animation options panel when adjusting with arrow keys
  • Emojis used in team/collection names now appear as expected in the dashboard sidebar
  • The pre-selected option in the Create Asset modal is now chosen based on the currently selected frame
  • Code components that export a variable called error will no longer fail when used on the canvas
  • The tooltips that display when resizing/rotating elements on the canvas should no longer jump on every change
  • Fixed a rare case where text layers that were part of a design component instance could not be deleted
  • Links between frames on the canvas are now preserved when copying and pasting
  • The Select Typeface shortcut has been temporarily disabled as it clashes with the New Tab browser shortcut (Cmd + T)
  • Fixed a bug where the maximum count of items in a ControlType.Array property control was not taken into account
  • We’ve improved the empty state displayed for a navigation transition in the prototype panel to better indicate how to link frames together
  • Added the Radio Buttons component to the Insert Menu
  • Made a number of UX improvements to the reordering of shared colors in the color picker to prevent freezes and buggy scroll behavior
  • Fixed an issue where Chrome would incorrectly show a focus state when clicking on buttons in the user interface
  • Setting the currentPage property of the page component in code is now persisted to the preview as expected
  • Fixed a bug where Framer Desktop projects imported into Framer Web wouldn’t include code files that are part of a nested folder structure
  • The guessing behavior of stack layouts has been improved to avoid unnecessarily large gaps being applied when creating a stack that contains multiple frames