We’re constantly improving Framer. See the latest features and updates.

Prototype panel changes

We’ve condensed the prototype panel into a more compact interactions section in the properties panel. This allows us to make better use of screen real estate by relying on the flexible popouts you’ll recognise from the color and font pickers already present in Framer. The animation controls for a transition will now appear as a tab within this popout.

Toolbar and handoff mode updates

We’ve worked on making the toolbar more approachable by showing labels alongside some new icons that better represent the purpose of each tool. We’ve also introduced a dedicated handoff mode—this works very similarly to commenting mode by stripping back non-essential UI that isn’t needed for the handoff process. When you’re in editing mode, you’ll now only see the Design and Prototype tabs in the properties panel. You can access handoff mode by clicking Handoff in the toolbar where the properties panel will then display the handoff code for your current selection on the canvas.

Other changes

  • We’ve added support for applying an aspect ratio to fixed size layers that are a part of a stack. In an earlier update we hid these options completely as they were incompatible with some dimension types. The option is now only hidden when you choose relative or fractional sizing
  • Fixed a bug that caused Framer to crash when attempting to copy and paste a page component which did not have any connected pages
  • Pending invites for new members of your team can now be removed
  • You’ll now see an indication of which step of the app tour you’re currently in