We’re constantly improving Framer. See the latest features and updates.

New user interface font

In response to bugs in the V81/82 Chrome releases for Mac that affected letter spacing and font weights, we’ve changed the font used in Framer’s UI to Inter. The difference is subtle but ensures text styling isn’t broken. The same change also applies to the Default System font for users on Mac and Chrome using versions listed above, setting the font to Default will use Inter instead. As soon as the bug is fixed in Chrome, we’ll remove this change to allow you to fall back to the default system font on Mac.

Subscription and billing settings

Subscription and billing information can now be updated directly from the team settings modal in the project dashboard. You can see the current plan, pricing and which users are occupying the editor seats that are available for your subscription, as well as being able to upgrade/cancel the subscription.

Other changes

  • Improved empty states across the entire app
  • Allow Magic Motion to animate screen to screen transitions that include design components
  • Released a new version of the Framer Tools toolbar app for Mac OSX that fixes a Safari bug with Sketch copy and paste
  • Asset export has moved to the handoff panel which can be enabled using the handoff mode in the toolbar
  • Fixed a bug where a text layer which was horizontally centered would wrap differently on the canvas and preview window
  • The selection box is now visible again when resizing layers on the canvas
  • Fixed a bug where text layers that are part of a design component installed through a package would appear red whilst editing
  • Updated the share panel with a more accessible and simplified UI
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the appearance of sliders across browsers
  • Fixed a bug where the Update button wouldn’t appear for packages that are out of date
  • The selection lock button has been reintroduced for the preview window
  • Fixed an issue where fill styles could be pasted onto text layers
  • Updated the UI of the Prototype view to be more concise by removing the bottom bar and moving project metadata to the header. We’ve also removed the navigation controls from this screen as user feedback indicated it could be confusing depending on the structure of the project
  • Fixed a misleading toast icon that appears when you’ve unsubscribed from comments for a project
  • Untitled projects are now searchable in the project dashboard
  • Improve support for locally installed fonts for designs that are imported from Figma
  • Fixed layers occasionally randomly changing position during Magic Motion transitions
  • Code errors from prototypes that occur whilst previewing now manifest as error messages in the console instead of crashing the preview window
  • Instead of showing a toast prompting you to enable full screen, selecting Full Screen in the Prototype view now immediately goes to full screen mode in supported browsers
  • Fixed a case where imported SVGs that have duplicate IDs could disappear on the canvas when one is out of view
  • Fixed an issue where canvas connectors would be positioned incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where the zoom menu would jump around whilst zooming
  • Updated the shortcuts modal to reflect new shortcuts
  • Fixed the alphabetical sorting of collections that contain an emoji in the name
  • Animation tweaks and cleanup for the project dashboard sidebar
  • Fixed bracket autocompletion, syntax highlighting and using ⌘/ to comment a line in the code editor
  • Fixed a Firefox bug that caused text to disappear whilst editing
  • Fixed an issue where multiple modals could be displayed simultaneously
  • Fixed a bug where links to external websites would not open in the Prototype view
  • Improved the UX of opening projects on a mobile device
  • Fixed a bug where duplicated SVGs could appear broken if one is out of view
  • Duplicating a project within a collection now duplicates it into the collection rather than into the All collection of a team
  • Fixed a bug where multiple Magic Motion transitions could be triggered simultaneously if a child of a layer and the parent both have interactions connected to the same event