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Layer panel indicators

Layers will now display multiple indicators that change dependant on your current action. Previously, icons in the layer panel were restricted to only showing if the layer was locked or was set to the home frame. These icons have been updated and extended to indicate when layers have interactions applied or comments attached. We’ve also changed which indicators are displayed depending on the mode you’re currently in—comment icons only display in comment mode and interactions icons only display in the default mode.

Other changes

  • Fixed a bug where a code override that changed the text property and was applied to a multiline text layer would cause an error
  • Improved performance of the default components in the insert menu
  • Fixed an issue where a text layer which was horizontally centered and pinned to the bottom would appear differently in the canvas and preview window
  • Fixed a case where the import of certain Sketch projects would fail when attempting to copy and paste into Framer
  • Fixed a bug where nested layers that have interactions connected to the same event but navigate to different targets would cause both interactions to be performed
  • Fixed an issue where snap lines used for dragging/resizing layers would still be visible after being disabled
  • Fixed a bug where the titles of frames would mistakenly disappear when keys were pressed or the canvas was scrolled
  • Fixed an issue where the device presets for frames were unavailable
  • The in-app tour can now be dismissed at every step
  • Improved the stability of the text editor
  • Fixed some misleading error toasts that indicated your project was out of sync with the server
  • Improved accessibility for the project dashboard sidebar and modals