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Insert menu component folders

The latest iteration of the insert menu now supports viewing folders of components from within your project and those installed from packages. It’s fully integrated with the search field, presenting the folder hierarchy as breadcrumbs allowing you to easily navigate back and forth. Based on the fantastic feedback we’ve received from the community, we’ll be making a number of improvements to the insert menu experience in the coming weeks, with a particular focus on navigation and grouping.

Updated share link format

The format of the generated URL for a project’s share link has been updated to support the inclusion of the project title in the URL. This ensures share links are predictable enough that you can tell what project a link is for whilst remaining difficult to guess. We’ve also decided to remove the version segment from the path—once project versioning ships you will be able to generate unique share links for each version of a project.

Old scheme:


New scheme:


Other changes

  • Fixed a case where Magic Motion transitions that use named layers could appear broken
  • Handoff mode now disables the editing of layer size, positioning and other connected layers to prevent accidental edits
  • Improved the error messages for uncaught errors in the preview window
  • Fixed a bug where an icon in the insert menu wouldn’t hide when dragging a component onto the canvas
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you attempted to convert and SVG to a graphic whilst in handoff mode
  • Fixed a case where frames would lose their device preset when being dragged on the canvas
  • Fixed copy and pasting layers that contain images between different projects
  • Logs in the console of the preview window are now selectable
  • Updated design and copy for the Get Started section in the dashboard
  • Fixed incorrect cursors being displayed in the invite panel
  • Fixed a bug where the height of an autosize text layer would be different in the preview compared to the canvas
  • Improved empty states for the scroll and page components
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect rotation cursor was displayed after rotating a layer
  • Directly selecting multiple children on the canvas is now respected when you attempt to drag layers around. Previously, attempting to drag would cause you to only drag the layer you had clicked directly
  • Fixed a bug where design components instances which were detached from the master could cause unstable behavior
  • Fixed a bug where the full screen option for the preview window wouldn’t work on Firefox
  • Improved Magic Motion transitions between duplicated screens by optimising the way Framer tracks duplications behind the scenes
  • Fixed an issue where an SVG converted to a graphics layer would unexpectedly have an aspect ratio lock until the project was reloaded
  • Fixed a bug where a text selection cursor was incorrectly displayed when dragging a layer on the canvas
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when drawing a frame or stack around the device component
  • The automatically selected home frame for a project now excludes code components and graphics layers
  • Fixed an issue where the preview window could become taller than the size of the content
  • Fixed a bug where the case of email addresses used to invite new collaborators to a project was not normalized, potentially causing duplicate invites if the email was added again using a different casing
  • Lots of polish to the comments UI. This includes improved empty states, a Report Comment item in the context menu and the disabling of the Edit/Delete menu items for resolved comments
  • Fixed a bug where Magic Motion transitions would fail when being rendered in a device component
  • The loading indicator in the preview window now only displays when the project contains content
  • Fixed a case where frames duplicated using the option key could be dragged into themselves
  • Fixed a bug where changes to the currentPage property of the page component would not be reflected in the preview
  • The project dashboard now automatically refreshes when coming back to it after a period of activity
  • Fixed an issue that caused the loading of projects to fail in some cases
  • Fixed the loading of images from design components in packages
  • Fixed a bug where the size of a text layer in the preview could be incorrect when updating the text layer whilst the preview window was hidden
  • The scrollbar in the console of the preview window no longer overlays log messages
  • Fixed an issue where the toolbar would still be visible whilst editing code
  • Improved performance when searching for packages in the insert menu
  • Fixed a bug where changes to the size of a page component would cause layout issues when previewing
  • Fixed a bug where nested layers that have interactions connected to the same event but navigate to different targets would cause both interactions to be performed
  • Custom nudge preferences are now used in the position and sizing inputs for layers
  • Fixed a case where the preview window in the code editor would crash after switching to code mode and installing the example code files
  • Fixed a bug where a prototype that has multiple transition types could cause layers to unexpectedly exit as part of a Magic Motion transition
  • Editing the width of a text layer that is set to autosize will now automatically change it to fixed size
  • Fixed a Firefox bug where the preview window would not immediately appear after load
  • Various performance improvements for the preview window
  • Fixed a bug where the Copy Link button for comments didn’t work in Safari
  • Device presets are now sorted by popularity
  • Fixed an issue where the pan tool could get stuck. Pressing escape now exits the tool as expected
  • Fixed some wrapping inconsistencies between the canvas and preview window
  • Fixed the Open Preview in New Tab menu item in the preview window
  • Improved the error message that’s displayed when importing projects from unsupported versions of Framer Desktop
  • Fixed an issue where named colors (e.g. black) would not work with graphics layers