We’re constantly improving Framer. See the latest features and updates.

Magic Motion tutorial

Learn how to create an interactive toggle switch in just 5 minutes! We just shipped a new tutorial in the dashboard that guides you through how to create a high fidelity micro-interaction with Magic Motion. We’ve embedded the video on the canvas along with step-by-step progress buttons so you can easily follow along whilst prototyping.

Improved windows support

We’ve fixed a number of bugs this week to improve the experience for our Windows users. This update is mostly focused on ensuring shortcuts are functional between different platforms—check the keyboard shortcuts modal to see what’s changed!

Previewed layer indicators

The layer you’re currently previewing will now display a visual cue on the canvas with a focus ring and a play icon, as well as an indicator in the layers panel.

Import from the toolbar

Import is now the secondary action in the toolbar allowing you to easily import static designs from Figma and Sketch directly from the canvas.

Other changes

  • Updated examples section with new UI and Magic Motion examples
  • Added a Favorites section to the insert menu
  • Projects and folders in the dashboard can now be sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed a bug where a rotation applied to a code component would not be rendered as expected in some cases
  • Added a placeholder state to the properties panel to be displayed when no layers are selected
  • Updated error state for the code panel
  • Fixed a bug where Firefox would not show the correct cursors
  • Projects can now be moved from personal drafts to a team or between folders directly from the canvas
  • Updated the presets for frames to include the latest devices
  • Fixed a bug where tsconfig.json was not included when downloading a project to open in Framer Desktop
  • Panels on the canvas are now unhidden when activating comment or handoff mode
  • Added a team picker to the insert menu to allow you to select which team to search for packages within
  • Prevented a crash that could occur when very large objects were included within a console.log statement in a code component or code override
  • Fixed a bug where the onScroll event would not fire consistently in the preview window
  • Improved empty state icons
  • A text cursor will no longer appear whilst hovering over an input field when using the mobile touch cursor in the preview window
  • Fixed a bug where shortcuts for zooming on the canvas were not working on Chrome
  • Fixed a case where images inside scroll and page components could appear blurry
  • Added a search field for members in the team settings modals
  • The overflow property for the scroll component is now hidden as it has no effect
  • Updated UI of the share panel
  • Prevent condensed tooltips displaying for disabled tools in the toolbar
  • Fixed a permissions error that could occur after completing the dashboard tour
  • Tweaked copy and animations for the onboarding tour
  • Hide the Import from Sketch UI for non-macOS users
  • Fixed a bug with pagination for team packages in the insert menu
  • Improved SVG importing from Figma
  • Day/night mode style fixes for the insert menu
  • Updated welcome window in the dashboard with links to the tutorial and app tour