We’re constantly improving Framer. See the latest features and updates.

Domain name change

As we’re moving out of Open BETA and gearing up for launch, Framer Web now runs on https://framer.com. All existing links will continue to work, and you can access the website at https://www.framer.com

Team creation flow

We’ve unified the team creation flow in the dashboard. You’re now able to create them, send invites to members and upgrade the plan all as part of the same flow.

Team deletion

Team admins can now delete teams from the dashboard. This functionality only applies to teams without an active subscription and are not on an enterprise plan

Other changes

  • Components can now be dragged onto the canvas directly from the code panel
  • Top-level layers on the canvas can now be directly selected. Click on the layer and it will be selected on mouse-up as long as the mouse position doesn’t change
  • The state of screens is now preserved when navigating through a prototype. This update ensures the current scroll position and component state is retained whilst also improving the performance when navigating back to previous screens
  • Fixed a bug where navigating to an overlay or modal in Firefox would not render the overlay or modal properly until you refocused the browser window
  • An alert will now be displayed when you attempt to leave Framer Web whilst updates are still being sent to the server
  • Improved scroll and zooming performance
  • Fixed a bug that caused the content of a text layer to disappear after editing
  • Added a button for the Resize to Fit Content action to the properties panel
  • Fixed the Go to Dashboard link not working for collaborators who are not part of the team the project belongs to
  • Improved scroll behavior by leveraging native scroll constraints and layout
  • Fix color inconsistencies on Firefox
  • Fixed a bug where adjusting the opacity of a gradient stop on the canvas would not reliably update the value
  • Show a loading state in the insert menu instead of “No Components” when project components are still loading
  • Fixed some small UI/UX issues with the import menu in the toolbar
  • Added a preview window section to the keyboard shortcuts modal
  • Fixed a bug where the preview would not work as expected if code components were created/updated whilst the preview window was closed
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a team had a name that only included emojis
  • Fixed a bug where the prototype connector would appear in an incorrect position after changing the size of a layer via the properties panel
  • Improved the searching behavior for components in the insert menu
  • The File property control is now compatible for projects uploaded between Framer Web and Framer Desktop
  • Updated windows shortcut labels
  • Magic Motion can now transition back to the initial screen that other screens were duplicated from without needing to name layers accordingly
  • Fixed the icon of a package in the insert menu not displaying correctly in some cases
  • Reduced flickering of layers on the canvas whilst loading
  • Framer Desktop projects can now be uploaded from non-macOS systems
  • Moving a project will now refresh the team packages displayed in the insert menu
  • Fixed a bug where the Show All Links menu item would incorrectly appear as enabled despite being disabled. This caused it to have no effect once disabled and re-enabled
  • Fixed a WebKit issue where layering caused by transforms in Magic Motion could cause subsequent screens not be rendered
  • Fixed a crash that occur if layers on the canvas were updated between opening the context menu and performing an action
  • Updated touch cursor style in the preview window
  • Fixed an error in the preview window console that occurred when attempting to log an undefined value
  • Fixed loading of the Resolved panel in the comments sidebar
  • Various browser compatibility fixes and polish for the welcome window
  • Updated empty states for handoff mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused archiving projects from the Recents page in the dashboard to fail
  • Removed outdated panel shortcuts
  • Fixed a bug where code components could be stuck in a loading state until another layer on the canvas was changed
  • Improved team name validation
  • Optimized network and CPU usage for the comments panel
  • Fixed a bug where screens navigated to with an instant transition would not be removed when transitioning back from them
  • Added a console option to the preview window menu to be displayed in code mode
  • Fixed a crash that occur after opening a project where the user only had Viewer permissions
  • Fixed the page component displaying an incorrect layout when the page content size change
  • Components with outer shadows should no longer have their shadow cut off in the insert menu preview
  • Fixed a dark flash that could appear in some cases during the first Magic Motion transition between screens
  • Fixed a bug that allowed packages to be published to teams on a free plan
  • Fixed the selection box flickering when changing opacity using number keys
  • Fixed a bug where copying and pasting an SVG onto the canvas would cause it to be inserted twice
  • Added a toast message to be displayed when uploading a Framer Desktop project that is on an outdated and unsupported version
  • The shortcut to create a new project for a team in the dashboard is now hidden for members who have the viewer role
  • Out-of-view layers that are hidden will no longer show a loading placeholder
  • Fixed the dashboard being out of sync after creating/deleting teams
  • Re-introduced the View Code button in handoff mode for code components
  • Members of a team with a viewer role can no longer archive projects