Framer Web is live!

May 19, 2020

Framer Web is live!

Framer Web is live and we couldn’t be more excited to see what you build! We’ll be focusing on bug fixes and the roadmap in the coming weeks. Take a look at our feature request board and upvote features that are important to you.

We’re also running weekly classes and live streams together with the community on the Framer Discord Server. If you need some help with your project, encounter a bug or just want to chat with the community, we’re waiting for you!

Other changes

  • Fixed a subtle flash that could occur on the first Magic Motion transition
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Dashboard to crash
  • Fixed a bug that caused toggling Handoff mode to have no effect
  • Various UI tweaks and polish for the mobile previewing experience
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Preview window to not load immediately after the canvas has loaded
  • Onboarding tutorial tweaks and updates
  • Opening a link to a comment (i.e. via the "Reply in Framer" link in the comment notification email) on a mobile device will no longer open the comments sidebar as the UI is not responsive. This will be improved in a future update
  • Improved copy for disabled states in the Dashboard
  • Fixed some color inconsistencies when viewing the Dashboard in night mode
  • The role selection dropdown for team members is now hidden for users who do not have the appropriate permissions
  • Fixed a bug that caused inconsistent spacing when a text layer had multiple adjacent spaces in its content
  • Fixed a bug where a favorite package that had updates would not show the Update button
  • The Insert Menu now shows available package updates in the Team/Public packages page
  • Fixed a crash that occur in the Dashboard when viewing currently active sessions
  • Fixed the error message copy when trying to invite a non-team member into a project that is part of a team with domain name restrictions
  • Improved zooming performance on the canvas
  • Fixed an issue where using Replace With could cause data loss by inadvertedly replacing a master component
  • Fixed a bug where overrides applied to layers could disappear or removed overrides could reappear after reloading a project
  • Sketch layers imported into Framer now preserve their lock state
  • Fixed a bug with importing images from Sketch
  • Fixed a bug where pasting from Sketch 66 would make the interface unresponsive
  • Updated example projects