Bugfixes, Sketch importing and onboarding

May 26, 2020

Insert Menu: Move project to team

To improve the flow of installing team packages into projects within your personal drafts, we’ve implemented a dropdown that allows you to move your project to a team, directly from the Insert Menu!

Onboarding tutorial page

We’ve added a handy tutorial page to the dashboard, complete with step-by-step video guides on how to create an interactive prototype with Framer. Click here to dive in and see what you can build in 5 minutes!

Other changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Stack insertion indicator to not be shown on the canvas
  • Updated example projects including a cool example of how to build a transition triggered by a timeout
  • Added a more friendly error page when the Editor fails to load due to browser restrictions
  • Various fixes and tweaks to the onboarding tutorial
  • Fixed a bug that caused overrides applied to layers to not persist after reloading the project
  • Fixed a bug where parents were not highlighted when moving layers
  • Improved performance when detaching a Design Component instance from the master
  • Fixed a bug that caused the equal distance snap indicator to not be shown on the canvas
  • Prevent Sketch importing from failing completely if assets fail to upload
  • Using the escape key to cancel moving layers within a Stack now works as expected
  • Fixed an unreadable package title in the Install Packages modal when in night mode
  • Fixed an issue that could cause SVGs to be inserted twice when copy and pasted
  • Improved canvas performance
  • Fixed a bug that could cause screens to mistakenly trigger interactions from previous screens when previewing a prototype
  • Fixed step sizes for letter spacing and line height
  • Added a link in the examples pages to a support article explaining how to use code in Framer
  • Fixed an issue that caused the creation of Code Components to fail when the code editor had not fully loaded
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly allowed layers to be pasted into Code Components
  • Fixed zooming in on the canvas using a shortcut on non-US keyboard layouts
  • Fixed an incorrect avatar displaying on the Invite panel if the user/team had an emoji as the first character in the name
  • Fixed Team packages not appearing for users on a Pro subscription
  • Fixed color consistency in night mode