Figma importing and bugfixes

June 2, 2020

Figma importer improvements

The way that vector-like shapes imported from Figma are handled has changed which results in much more accurate conversions to Framer. This means we now convert all of the effects Figma supports for vectors including inner/regular shadows. Text layer conversion has also improved—basic blend modes, text decoration and opacity are all now supported. With the increased accuracy you may notice importing taking a bit longer than before, as such we’ll be focusing on improving the speed of importing in the coming weeks.

Other changes

  • You will now be warned when closing Framer if there are code file changes which have not yet been saved to the server
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Home Frame icon in the Layers panel to not update
  • Fixed a bug where dropdown fields were not visible on Windows
  • The handoff output now specifies the box-sizing property when generating styles for a layer that has borders
  • Design Components can now be deleted directly from the Insert Menu
  • Fixed slow performance when typing an email to search or invite a new user
  • Updated the default Code override file to be easier to understand
  • Fixed a bug where the connector on the canvas would not allow you to connect a layer to a Code Component
  • The expiration date for your current subscription is now visible in the team settings modal in the Dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where dropdown fields on Firefox would not be visible when using night mode
  • A clearer location is now shown in the Editor for projects which are in the All folder of a team
  • Fixed a bug that caused multi selection using the shift key to not work when clicking within a the Frame area itself
  • Improved naming consistency. Artboards are now referred to as Top Parent for all UI actions
  • Fixed a bug where a Design Component master that was deleted on the canvas would incorrectly be changed when any of its instances were changed
  • Master Design Components which have been hidden on the canvas can now be shown from the Insert Menu
  • Fixed a styling issue on Firefox for the font size control
  • Fixed an issue that could cause components to lose their connections to other Frames when those Frames contained components themselves
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Editor to crash whilst loading
  • Updated toast icon to indicate when another collaborator is editing a code file
  • Improved the responsiveness of the UI when updating the role of a team member