Touch cursors, user avatars and Team package unpublishing

June 9, 2020

Preview window touch cursors

The preview window will now display a touch cursor over layers which have touch interactions applied.

Unpublish from the Insert Menu

Team packages published by yourself can now be unpublished from the Insert Menu.

Upload user avatar

You can now upload a custom avatar to your Framer user instead of having to change it on Gravatar.

Other changes

  • Dragging a layer whilst holding down ⌘⌥ on MacOS or Ctrl + Alt on Windows will allow you to move it from anywhere on the canvas, and won’t change the current selection. This is useful for when you want to move a layer that is largely covered by one of its child layers
  • Fixed a bug where logging React events in Code overrides and Code Components would sometimes flood the console with errors and potentially crash the Preview window
  • Fixed a bug that caused the project title to jump when being edited in Safari
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes make Framer crash when you Alt-dragged a Frame that was inside a Design Component instance
  • Fixed a bug where Code Components could not be connected to a Graphic layers
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now displayed in the context menu
  • Fixed a bug where text area properties could be difficult to edit in large projects
  • Added a useIsInCurrentNavigationTarget hook which allows Code Components to detect whether they are present in the current screen
  • Figma/Sketch import menu items are now disabled for users with view-only access to a project
  • Fixed a bug where the state of the Preview window could unexpectedly reset when the selection was locked
  • Fixed a bug that in some situations caused updated properties of Design Components to not persist after reloading the project
  • The account settings modal will now show sessions for unknown clients (ones in which we could not determine what platform they are running), allowing you to sign out of active sessions you don’t recognize
  • Fixed a bug where Design Components weren’t copied correctly between projects
  • Fixed an issue where the handoff copy button was stuck at a fixed size and would not resize with the Properties panel
  • Scale to fit Frames will no longer automatically switch to responsive mode in the prototype view on mobile
  • Fixed the copy paste shortcuts not showing in the menu
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the Properties panel could show the wrong Code override as selected when the originally selected override had been renamed