Content edge snapping and code experience improvements


Content edge snapping

You can now double-click on the edge or corner of a selected layer on the canvas to slice off any white-space between that edge and the layer’s content. Use Shift+DoubleClick to trigger Fit Content on the entire layer instead

Code building activity

A spinner is now displayed at the top of the code editor to indicate when code file changes are still being sent to the server

Other changes

  • Drastically improved performance of Magic Motion transitions in large projects
  • Fixed some browser compatibility issues with the team setting modal
  • Fixed copy and paste shortcuts not showing in the main menu
  • Updated behavior of the Share panel to allow Code Components to be shared when no Home Frame has been set
  • Fixed a bug where logging an object from a Code Component or Code override would show undefined in the console
  • Fixed a bug that caused a Design Component which was a child of another Design Component and was shared in a package to lose its positioning values when installed in a project
  • Large objects and objects with circular references now display correctly when logged to the console
  • Improved empty state of the Share panel to indicate when no home frame is set but content is present within the project
  • Fixed a bug where project titles that contained non-Western characters could fail when downloading to Framer Desktop
  • Fixed a buggy transition that would occur when using the Back to Previous transition from a screen that was navigated to with Magic Motion, to a screen that was navigated to with a different transition type