Framer Desktop 2020-31


Improvements and fixes

  • There are now more text properties available to help you style any text in your projects. In the Properties panel you will find the new transform and decoration properties. With the transform property, you can set your text to all uppercase, all lowercase, or capitalize each word. With the decoration property, you can also choose from underline or strikethrough. In addition, you will now be able to set your line height in pixels and percentage.
  • Users can disable or enable background blur rendering on the canvas.
  • Avatars in the dashboard project list on mobile devices are no longer cutoff on the edge.
  • Fixed a bug that caused any controls that use the Control button to no longer function on Windows and Linux.
  • The Device component now has a "custom" preset, which allows you to define your own device.
  • Fixed a bug that caused toggling the visibility of overlay grids to overwrite an overlay grid on a selected frame.