From WordPress to Framer: how Henry's migration empowered their design and marketing teams

“When we were shown Framer in the demo, our initial reaction was: wow. We instantly knew this would save us a ton of time and engineering resources”

Kevin Langer

Designer and Developer at Henry

5 weeks

To migrate full website

To migrate full website

To migrate full website


Team members

Team members

Team members

20 hours

Engineering time saved weekly

Engineering time saved weekly

Engineering time saved weekly

Before Framer

Henry used WordPress before migrating to Framer and encountered 3 significant issues that encouraged them to find a new tool. Firstly, marketers found themselves unable to make necessary updates to the site without reliance on engineering support. Secondly, the unreliability of managing WordPress plugins proved a weekly threat – one error or issue could cause issues across their entire site. Security, reliability, and uptime were paramount concerns, given their status as a medtech company handling sensitive customer data. Finally, the team at Henry felt like WordPress was working against them, rather than improving their processes and workflows.

Why No-Code?

Seeking autonomy and agility, the team at HenryMeds decided to move to a no-code solution to empower their marketing and design teams, reducing their dependency on engineering resources and allowing a laser focus on their core product.

Framer vs Webflow

While assessing Framer’s suitability, the Henry team also explored their options with Webflow Enterprise. They found the performance and feature sets of the companies to be relatively similar. However, Henry based their decision on Framer's hands-on Enterprise support package. During the sales cycle, it never took the Henry team more than a couple of hours to get a response from the Framer team – whereas with Webflow they felt like they had to hunt someone down to get a response. In addition to the support package, Framer's tailored Enterprise pricing model aligned perfectly with Henry's needs, ensuring access to essential tools without unnecessary overhead. Ultimately, the enthusiastic endorsement from HenryMeds' Head of Marketing and CTO solidified their decision to migrate to Framer.


Transitioning seamlessly from WordPress to Framer, Henry launched their new site in just 5 weeks. The intuitive UI that Framer boasts empowered their design team to duplicate pages effortlessly and assume full control of site content with little developer intervention, expediting their time to market. Leveraging Framer's versatile components, HenryMeds established a scalable framework, enabling their team to quickly and easily migrate content.

Framer’s Enterprise Support

Framer's Enterprise Support was central to Henry’s decision-making process, offering immediate assistance to any team member, regardless of their role. Framer's support team proved invaluable to Henry’s migration and launch – diving headfirst into projects to diagnose and address issues promptly, ensuring the team at Henry had a smooth experience with Framer.

What’s next for HenryMeds?

With the site migration complete, HenryMeds now sets its sights on optimizing content for enhanced SEO performance. Utilizing Framer's SEO-friendly features, they plan to refine existing pages and conduct A/B tests to inform future improvements. A/B testing is integral to the success of a lot of marketing teams, and many of our Enterprise clients, like LottieFiles, use A/b testing to optimise their site content. With Framer, the team at Henry know they can ship landing pages fast, without needing to pull in engineers – allowing them to test, ship, and iterate 10x faster than they could on WordPress.

Enterprise Features

Advanced CMS

Roles & Permissions

Realtime Multiplayer

Gather Feedback

Staging Environment

99.9% Uptime

Dedicated IP

Premium CDN

Custom Hosting

Server-Side Rendering

Great for SEO

Slack Support


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